Observation and question?


Jolly Good Fellow
This past season we started up in only 2 games so my question is, why are we always on the comeback instead of being up?


Helluva Manager
Marietta, GA
Because the other team scores first... 🥴

Turnover, not prepared, someone faux pas, ex. Covered the wrong gap / blocked wrong person


Helluva Engineer
How many games did we win the toss and defer?

Against FSU we got the ball first, had a drive going before a penalty and INT ended it.
Against UCF we got the ball first and scored first after Gibbs big return to open the game.
Against Clemson we got the ball first and punted. No real surprise.
Against BC we got the ball first, had a nice drive going and then got way behind after a big mistake and turned it over on downs. We likely kick a FG here if we had a good kicking situation.
Against Duke we got the ball first and scored first on a big Gibbs run.

As a general note we actually scored first in 3 of the games. UCF, Duke, and UL (after a UL turnover on their first drive). We were also up fairly early in at least one other game (pitt)

But in general we had a bad defense, an inconsistent OL and inconsistent QB. The same things that plagued us all game plagued us on our early drives.