O-Line Transition (Parker Braun NFL Skills)


Helluva Engineer
Remember the Steelers OL when Terry Bradshaw was there? Guess what the average weight - the real average weight - was? That would be 235. So why were they so good? Because they slaughtered opposing OLs by hitting them so fast. Of course, it helped to have an RB who was bigger then most of them (Franco Harris).

Well, that was in the pre push-and-dance days when they actually, you know, called holding penalties. Today it's more of a waltz of the elephants then real blocking; the OLs waddle into place and depend on the backs to figure out where to go. But Parker at 290 - he usually started the season at that - is easily pro material, depending on the team. And I think Willie is right; if you could play effectively in the spread option, doing the kind of OL work on most zone blocking teams is child's play. I just hope that we try to get to the second level more often then most shotgun teams. No need to waste all that training with chipping and blocking down field. But I'm sure Coach Key is up to speed on that already.