Notre Dame vs Georgia, who do ya like?


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I want to see a brutal 6-6 tie in regulation, followed by 4 or 5 OT possessions, with ND squeaking out the win—leaving both teams bruised and battered, so that both of them lose next week.


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Poquoson Virginia
Really?? Neither.

I hope ND wins the game, but this is the only ND matchup I can think of where I would say that. That may be the only game I watch today since the line play should be very good on both sides. I think the 14.5 point line for UGAg is high even though it's at UGAg.

Probably a better place to post, but it looks like there are only two ACC teams in top 25. #1 Clemson and #21 UVa. Anyone think ND will come to ACC for football when their TV contract runs out? I don't since they'd have to play a tough game in the ACCCG (unless they were put in Atlantic). Given their reputation they are one of teams that doesn't need a conference championship to go to the playoffs.


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I’ve said on here before.....I like ND. I was raised to but I fell in love with Tech as a 12 year old in 90. The Irish are the other team I root for and I’m thrilled with that 1st half. I don’t know how this half will go but I’m amused that everybody just thought ND would roll over and let the mutts run wild. I knew that wouldn’t happen.


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As a younger person, I can’t understand how this could even be a valid question. If georgia is on the field, I want them to lose. I don’t care if they are playing isis. I know ND was a rival in the past, but it’s 2019, I want to see georgia lose so bad they cancel the program.


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Georgie got 96 THOUSAND fans to drive into the middle of the biggest s***hole in the state to watch a game and we cant get over 40k in one of the biggest cities in the country.

I cant even deal tonight.... btw got Georgia winning this game. ND is a sorry excuse for a program. They consistently show they dont play FBS level football at all...