Nike Hoops Summit 2013


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I was watching this, following what the Hawks pick Schroeder, and I noticed one thing, no mention of GT. These top prospects would mention Tech's name all over the program. Guess those days are over??


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It's probably more indicative of the manner in which Gregory's building the team. At this point in the rebuilding process, a one-and-done type would probably be more of a distraction than a benefit. Add Wiggins to our current roster and it'd basically be a Wiggins showcase in the way Bosh's team was a Bosh showcase. Meanwhile we didn't win as much as you would've expected.

In Hewitt or Cremins' heydays we'd probably be named with a few of these Summit kids. I'm not concerned with us being able to get back in those houses. I just think it's more about timing than deficient recruiting.

We're in on the guys that are the next step down from these kids. This is a better place for us to be right now with an eye on getting to elite status say after this coming season (2015-16 kids). JMHO TIFWIW