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Found this mildly interesting.

In his most recent role with the Cowboys, he developed and implemented brand standards across the entire Cowboys organization, while also planning and managing the Cowboys Branding & Corporate Sponsorships integration. He was also in charge of design and implementation for both interior and exterior spaces at AT&T Stadium and has played a key role in the administration of numerous major events, including the Super Bowl, NBA All-Star Game, and neutral site college football games.

Earlier this year, Daniels served as the Co-Executive Director of the North Texas Host Committee for the 2014 NCAA Final Four. He was responsible for all facets of bid development, presentations and coordination of sites visits, and also handled management and operations for the Final Four on behalf of the North Texas Host Committee.

My rational response: GT has absolutely shot itself in the foot regarding branding and it's been that way for a long time. Hopefully this guy can effect some change in those areas for us.

Irrational response: This should spell the end of our association with Russell Athletic.


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Bobinski, who appears to be business minded, is making hiring decisions using solid business rationale. An amazingly novel concept compared to the last regime.


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Thanks for posting, I missed this. I really like this and I hope he can get it done:
he developed and implemented brand standards
Ill give the credit to SuperSize... He emailed me this yesterday. I had missed it also. Sounds like a VERY good hire to me. You have to improve on the things you are weak in. I hope this guys works his mojo in the ATL. Alot of untapped potential fans that need a team to follow. Hop on the Jacket Bandwagon


Lulz at turning this into a uni thread. Unis ain't what he has specialized in. Branding in this sense encompasses so much more. Whatever floats ur boat tho.


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Thanks for posting, I missed this. I really like this and I hope he can get it done:
he developed and implemented brand standards

Yes, a unified branding approach has been desperately needed for a very long time. The hodgepodge of junk we've had in marketing GT sports is embarrassing.


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Like this hire. Bringing in someone with a sense of a bigger picture is always good perspective.

Regarding Russell, the key thing is they pay GT a good bit of money, and the AA needs money. Unless you're a top tier school, you're mostly getting apparel.


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wow, this guy was with the Cowboys for 25 yrs--either he will get frustrated as hell here and leave or we are about to see a new era in marketing


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Communications is the key (yes branding, cool uni s are important).

Hope he communicates with and mobilizes his best assets - tech grads, players and students.

One area communications would greatly help is recruiting nation wide.
Ideas -
1. gt swarm, other blogs have more access and content

2. as coordinated by head recruiter send emails to alums in area of recruit, encourage them to go to games and display gt banner attached to email. - tech grads are all over the country - bet there are more tech grads in Houston, Dallas , San Antonio than North and south Carolina - but recruiting by gt just starting here.

3.organize ways for our players and their team to speak at their old high schools; etc - high school kids hold them in high regard
4 etc

Because of eric and gt swarm (1) communicating a positive message about gt football, I have got off my xxx and am helping in 2 and trying to start something like 3 ( men of honor) at Baylor and GT.

By the way - how you swarm guys and gt football have and are supporting J Ratliffe is spreading on internet as very positive thing for gt.

A strong corporate communications type is just what GTAA needs.
Time will tell but looks like this hire has lots of upside.