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New assistant coach

Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Basketball' started by Eric, Apr 18, 2014.

  1. Eric

    Eric Retired Co-Founder Staff Member

    Mamadou N'diaye
  2. Stinger90

    Stinger90 Helluva Engineer

  3. GTRanj

    GTRanj Helluva Engineer

    "At Coastal Carolina, N'Diaye (pronounced Mama-Doo In-Jiye) helped Cliff Ellis, his college coach at Auburn, and the Chanticleers compile a 54-40 record, 32-18 in the Big South Conference,"


    I guess they did lead coastal carolina to their first NCAA tournament in 20 or so years.
  4. ATL1

    ATL1 Helluva Engineer

    Brought in to help with international recruiting??
    Maybe has some local ties since he played for the Hawks?? **shrugs**
    He's pretty young tho.
    Develop the young bigs that's coming in.
    He was complete trash in the league so it hurts his credibility with me, even though that doesn't mean he can't coach.
  5. franklinjacket

    franklinjacket Ramblin' Wreck

    If nothing else, he gives us another big body for practices I guess.
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  6. collegeballfan

    collegeballfan Helluva Engineer

    Looks to be a solid coach with a nice background as a player. And we just signed a player, Gueye, from the same hometown, Dakar, Senegal.
    Question: Did Gueye know about this and did it influence his decision?

    "Brought in to help with international recruiting??" Sure. Both GT and UGA just signed a player from Dakar. And he played international ball in Europe and
    the Far East. There are dozens of international players in modern college basketball. It is a small world you know.

    I had rather have a former post player coaching the post than a former guard or wing player, assuming he can communicate, and it appears he can.

    I like this hire!
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  7. Peacone36

    Peacone36 ACCBasketballReport.com Contributing Writer

    Welcome to GT, you we're complete trash in the league.

    Good lord. I'm all about honesty but thats a bit rabid don't ya think?

    He was a force in the SEC. I could care less if we put as many players in the league as UMaine as long as we make the damn postseason
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  8. kg01

    kg01 Get-Bak! Coach Featured Member

    Pretty good article/interview with our new coach.


    Interesting tidbits:
    Sounds like he's gonna be a force in recruiting Senegalese prospects including perchance a certain guy with an interesting name:
  9. AE 87

    AE 87 Helluva Engineer

    I'm getting excited about this hire.
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