NCAA violations found at GT


Helluva Engineer
I did post before I read the article. Doesn't look good. Probably a scholarship or 2 and postseason ban. Unless they throw lack of instatutional control, CJP may survive this.


Helluva Engineer
13,226 they're saying we're gonna get smacked because Okogie and Tadric went to Arizona on dipsh!t's dime, but NCAA handled it when they suspended Okogie and Tadric for some games and made them pay restitution. They got reinstated and played the majority of the season. After Josh and Tadric left, and after it's been proven that Bell is a whacko that enticed college players to play with him on his own (yes, it's just as creepy as it sounds)...GT is gonna get in trouble a year later...AFTER punishment was already handed out to the players?! WTH...

The Labarrie issues sounds a LOT like the Demaryious Thomas/Paul Johnson/Dan Radakovich situation where we DRad was told to keep a lid on it, he took the lid off for a minute to tell CPJ, then we got HAMMERED for it. Of course, no strippers and recruits were involved.

Jeez, seriously, GT must have some bad juju for some reason, because we just can't have nice things.