Mobile Stinger Pass


Helluva Engineer
I had it last season ( premium lower section version). The tickets i got for every game were very close to the field but in the corners of the stadium which aren’t the greatest unless the game is on your end of the stadium. We wound up just moving around to empty seats with better sightlines, better shade etc. The app works well though, zero issues getting the tickets etc.


Helluva Engineer
I bought the upper level ticket for last year to get me in the door. Would find a seat next/close to my parents season tickets for the game. Seats were always upper west about the 45 yd line and top 1 or 2 rows.


Jolly Good Fellow
I had lower section last season as well. Had pretty good seats most of the time. Either section closest to the corner or the one next to it.

It would vary which side of the stadium you were on.

Best seats were second row (with no one in front of us) for the NC State game, and worst were in the pitt visitors section.

I liked the flexibility of adding seats, which I used more than once as friends visited from out of town. And it allowed me to get more people to games that otherwise would not have gone.

My only complaint is the visitors section seats. I'm planning on doing it again next year, and probably season tickets the year after that.


Ramblin' Wreck
Yep, the system works good and its a cheep way to get you into the game(s). I have had them for the last two years. As the guys said above, I got in and if I didnt like where I was sitting I moved. Unless we start selling out, or the GT instructs the ushers to become "seat Nazis" then that option will continue to be open.


Helluva Engineer
I don’t have those but we got a younger couple from church interested in tickets and they bought 2 last year.

They said it worked great without a hitch. Course they realized up front some games would have “better” seats than other games.

But I was holding my breath before the season that the logistics would work and they did.