Miss having a coach like this


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Spurrier was an asst at GT at the time. We could have hired Spurrier - he would have taken the HC job.

ANYONE thinking curry is a better HC than Spurrier is out of their mind and needs serious help.

And - what for it - "but he would have left for UF"

Well, Coach Sunglasses left for bama even after those supporting him took so much heat after 2 huge embarrassments to furman.


^ I haven't seen anyone stipulate that Curry was even close to better than Spurrier as a coach. I still don't see the need to hate on him. Is the hate all about him going to take the Bama job? If so you might as well reserve some hate for Dodd who supported the move I believe. It aint like he left to coach the mutts.....then I might be able to see your take more.
Haven't been a Tech fan for long, have you?

In the late 70's, things were horrible. Worst facilities in the nation (thanks, Coach Dodd).

The defacto recruiting coordinator was Susan Phinney. Now Susan was a great lady, but she would be the first say she was out of her element. She was an Auburn grad, so Auburn would call her and tell her about kids they didn't want. But that's how bad things were.

Homer Rice hired Curry because he was the best we could get--a guy with no head coaching experience. But he was enthusiastic and one of Dodd's boys, which Homer knew would help with fund raising. And Homer knew fund raising.

Curry took a 1 win team his first year (1980) and progressed to a bowl win in 1985--and there weren't bowls on every corner in those days. An upset by Wake kept the 1986 team from going. Curry then left for Alabama, with Dodd's encouragement.

Yes, Curry's offense was predictable. But I have never understood the criticism of the guy by GT fans. Ignorance of the circumstances is the only explanation, so I am trying to educate some folks.

Some of my best friends grew up with Curry in College Park. Curry is very loyal to those guys and their families to this day. He is just a good guy and a great Tech man.

Kids, listen to this gentlemen. Finally someone who knows the score. Thank you.
That's right--Rice was hired about four months after Curry. Point is the same--Curry was the best we could do at the time.

I understand why we hired the inexperienced Curry in 1979 or 80. I am not sure why we hired a coach with no BCS level experience at the end of 2007---on a 7 year contract at top 15 money. The result has been about the same.

When Curry was hired, we were scrambling. The plan had been to make Pepper's DC Franklin Brooks head coach. Another of Dodd's Boys, long high school coaching career in Georgia with tremendous recruiting ties. But unfortunately, Brooks got lung cancer.


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Missed opportunity - understatement.
Nothing compared to what we missed when Dodd retired as coach. He had Doug Dickey lined up to replace him. Doug Dickey.

Just think what Tech football would have been like with Dickey in Atlanta instead of Gainesville. But apparently that was the problem. Dr. Petitt wanted more control over the athletic program and that meant someone to head the football program that Dodd didn't select. Still, imho, this ranks right up there with the Falcons not hiring Paul Brown (Paul Brown) to be their first coach as the greatest self inflicted wound in Georgia football history.