Mike Devoe officially staying


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With Smith or Jose or Kyle at PG this an awesome backcourt.

Our backcourt is going to be SO fun to watch.

Watched videos of Sturdivant's offseason pick up games, and he looks a step quicker and little more explosive. His body has changed a bit and is a bit leaner. Sturdivant looks like he's putting time in the gym...he's big guard and will be a load to handle. He's taking the steps he needs to take over for Jose. I'm high on Devion Smith, but Smith better step up his game as well. Sturdivant isn't just going to give up his minutes and lead role to Smith at the point. To steal from the football team, competition is king.

We still have one of our highest rated bball recruits (Coleman) in the last decade coming in, and a lights out shooter (Kelly) to work in. Oh yeah, there's also an out and out prep scorer in Maxwell coming back off an injury.

Getting our best scorer back from last year gives us two proven scorers with Devoe and Usher.

I said it in another thread, no clue how we'll end up in the W-L column, but there will be plenty of highlights and fun to be had on the offensive end.


Helluva Engineer
So good, I was told a couple of weeks ago that Devoe was 90% coming back, Jose was 50/50 and Moses was 100% gone.

If Jose comes back as well, I can see us play a lot of 4 guards, 1 big play style. Fast uptempo, rotate people quickly to keep the energy and pressure high.


I thought that, as you said, he is more or less closing the door, but that he could still re-open the door if he wants to. I don't think hiring the agent is a locking of the door, so to speak.
that's only with a NCAA approved agent. Most folks think the agency Moses signed with isn't one of them.
which must be correct(sorry can't find) as there's recent link somewhere that lists those decalred for draft and Moses is listed with those committed.