Midtown ATL


Jolly Good Fellow
If it's been awhile since you've walked around midtown on a weekday between 5-7pm, it's bustling. People are getting out of work, the pubs and restaurants are filled with happy hour patrons, and though there's traffic up and down Peachtree, West Peach, and Spring, it feels like a bustling town. The area between 10th and 14th have transformed into a bustling area (for better or worse since there's nothing but high rises now, old homes be damned), especially down Crescent Ave (now called Peachtree Walk) is happening, so are areas around Piedmont park. Not to mention all those areas between North and 10th streets.

We really need to sell this to the recruits and Collins gets it. I know many people here say that many kids actually like the small city atmosphere, I believe we can change that dynamic. Just because you're from rural America, that doesn't mean big city atmosphere can't work either.


Ramblin' Wreck
I spent a few hours in midtown a few weeks ago. Went to the Waffle House at Tech square. Walked the mile to the College Football Hall of Fame. The whole time soaking in the city Collins is trying to sell. There is a LOT to sell, and he knows it.

I realize it’s a long way off but if he can get the city of Atlanta behind the football program, there is no reason BDS can’t be electric on saturdays. Let’s hope for the best! THWg