Middle versus the Edge


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In 2013 we saw a lot of yards from the BB. CPJ runs the offense by what the defense is defending. The BB making the yards is not because we had 1st round draft pick BBs, but the Defense chose to defended the edge, force the slow go up the middle, and wait for a mistake/bad pass/bad rocket toss.

The defenses also forced the slow go up the middle and would then guard the middle on one play to get us behind on yards and downs.

If the middle is the path forward, then the midline and veers will add a significant advantage over last year. Vad was a big dude, but he did not want to tank up the middle. If we start hitting them up the middle for 6 to 10 to 15 yards versus 3.5 yards, this may force a retreat from the outside.

I think closing the outside and waiting on a mistake, dropped pass, bad rocket toss, or a one play defensive change to center is a great way to defend the option. Let the other team be forced to play perfect over 25-30 plays.