Interview Michael Preddy


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Fresh off of his official visit to Georgia Tech...Preddy talks to GTswarm about his visit.

Q: How was your visit?

A: My visit was fantastic! It was better than all my other visits combined. More than ever I know that this is the place where I'm supposed to be. The coaches made me feel confident that for my next 4-5 years at GT I'm going to be apart of a family that wants nothing but the best from me.

Q: What did you like most about the visit?

A: Meeting and bonding with future teammates while also viewing the city and being treated to dinner.

Q: What other recruits were on the visits with you and how do you guys click?

A: CJ Legget and Myles Autry and we made a good connection and I hope that we will many games together in the future.

Q: Who was your host and what did you think of him?

A: My host was Freddie Burden and he was a great fun guy to be around, I look forward to playing with him in the future

Q: What did the coaches tell you about what position you will play at? I

A: I will be playing offensive tackle, there has not been much talk about me playing defense.