Miami FSU Game

Old South Stands

Jolly Good Fellow
They are in the players heads, they know the history.
It's kind of like with us. For so many seasons -- at least since Herschel -- the Bulldogs have always seemed to get inside the Jackets' heads. Prior to 1980 it wasn't that way. But since then, only a few Tech teams, or a few standout players, have managed not to let the "UGA mystique" get into their heads. John Dewberry was one such player, probably because he went to Georgia. The 1990 team simply was just too good for them. And O'Leary managed to deflate this mystique for a time.

For the fans, it may be worse. Tech fans not only have to contend with the big, bad Red Machine over in Athens (reference to Soviet hockey), but they have the entire media and elite establishment in the state of Georgia over in UGA's corner. I remember a good friend from Tech saying in the early Ross years that "the Georgia game was our bowl game". That was the state of Tech football at the time, and that's how big the game was in those days. The UGA mystique may have been responsible for Tech's losses in 2009 and 2013, both games that Tech should have (or could have) won... not to mention a couple games from the Chan Gailey era.

Despite being loaded with talent, this is an eminently beatable Georgia team this year. Herschel isn't at Georgia anymore and hasn't been for a long time -- though some folks in Athens might still feel that way! Tech fans and players shouldn't feel that way, no matter how much love UGA gets from the press.