Megatron is IN TNFLHOF


Ramblin' Wreck
His parents have to be awesome for raising a smart, successful winner. Chose GT over the easy path for education. Stays loyal to the organization that drafted him. Made bank, set records, and the smartest move of all was retiring while young and healthy. I’ve never met him or his parents, but I know he doesn’t make smart decisions without his parents. That’s what I call an incredibly success life to be in his mid 30’s.


Helluva Engineer
My sister's sister-in-law and her family lived across the street from the Johnsons. Pam's boys were about the same age as the Johnson boys. And, when the boys were playing in her back yard and Mrs. Johnson called them to come home, they dropped whatever they were doing and ran home. It was Pam who informed me that our competitor for Calvin wasn't the dawgs, but the Braves. Then she told me that Calvin would be attending Tech.


Helluva Engineer
I had the pleasure of going out to practice one year and watching him up close.-like standing beside him.Few times have I ever been in awe of another man like that.If you ever been to a the Ky Derby ,he looked like a human version of those thoroughbreds-- and he moved like them..
SCARY especially when you get the stats on him at the Pro combine. It seems like 6-4, 230 lbs, a- 4.3 40 dash . -a 44 inch high jump and some huge numbers on broad jump and lifts.