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Amen to the above re McCollum. Really hate it for the one-and-done coaches on defense as well, though I understand it given the impending scheme change. Yeah, I know, "it's a business" . . .


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I mean the only person I’m surprised about is coach Mac, but I always felt that Paul needed to shake up his staff years ago and breath some fresh life into the staff, but he kept the same guys he’s been around forever.

I didn’t think anyone would be kept because some were brought by woody to teach the 3-4, and now we’re going 4-3, and then obviously on offense, some of these guys have only been teaching the 3O scheme for a longggg time. I’m sure Collins didn’t see much upside going forward with PJs guys.


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Sorry to see a guy that busted his *** go.
Andy was under lots of stress this year - (example 28 was his guy and he made mistakes in 2 games we should not have lost. Plus had to make a 4/3 MLB fit into a new 3/4 fast mlb)

He was in the discussion w Coach for the DC when Roof left so he maybe a $ thing to get more recruiting staff per dollar.

Fresh start for the players.


A high $ OC


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I like Coach Mac too, but you've got to figure that all the guys CGC brings in are going to be good recruiters. The position groups he coached over the years didn't really excel, either. With a limited number of spots, Collins is going to go with one of his guys.

Best of luck to all of those guys, though. I hope they find good gigs.



The Sewak nightmare is finally over.

I’m typically very reluctant to castigate any coach as bad since I’m not at any practices and don’t have a lot of personal knowledge on Oline techniques etc. That being said, some things are obvious even to casual fans like me. Will Bryan was one of our top OL imo just based upon on field performance. His absence after appearing to recover from injury makes me a believer in all of the anti Sewak talk. If he doesn’t get a lot of snaps in the bowl game our staff has done a huge disservice to a stand up scholar athlete.