Lorela Cubaj


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I am starting this thread because I believe the most dominating athlete to ever wear white & gold should have a Swarm thread that has nothing but her name.

She leads the nation in rebounding. She leads the nation in assist to turnover ratio. She might be the best defensive player in the nation. What is her weakness? She is not a good shooter. Still, at the end of a close game no one deserves the ball in their hand more than Cubaj. She will find the open shooter.

If you have not seen her play in person or watched GTWBB on TV, you need to fix that soon. Don't miss seeing this woman on a basketball court.


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Best thread on this site! Many, many thanks. On The Hive, last night, I posted that she is my player of this decade. Mainly because JT had Carter and Hermosa as his players of the game vs. the French, yesterday.

7 double-doubles, over 20 in her career. She has stated a good pass is better than any of her other attributes. She’s been bringing the ball up the court, now.
Trying to get Lahtinen some 2G time, where she led the J’s last season in points, assists, steals. Lorela goes high post, low post. Been practicing her long range shots and FT’s. Does it all, for her team. We’ve never had a more complete player on the Flats, in any sport. She’s smart in the classroom, & by mentoring Nerea on the court, teaching the language here. Remember, that takes knowing more than Italian and English. I’m probably leaving the WNBA out, because she will only smile when you ask her about the scout that comes by. Incidentally, the few I know, love her game and 3 of her teammates. I’m asking them to follow Love’s progress between this year and the next 2 or 3.

Cubai for political office, will have to wait. We can all agree on her getting our vote, no matter what party or affiliation you might be.