Let's be honest when it was 17-0 what were you expecting


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MArk Richt (of all people) commented that the first play probably helped us out, as UNC was "ready for a 60 minute battle" or trying to be even though they were 22-point favorites, and then that first play confirmed that the jackets were going to roll over, so mentally UNC was no longer ready for a battle (if they ever were) and couldn't get there mentally after
Ga Tech - is the be at the "professional suck= we suck, we suck , but hey we did one thing good, sorry u goofed up , and now we do good so we Win !"

WARNING- don't try this at home.

Once long stopped having gibson run the RPO and just PASS, I knew we had a chance.
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The first UNC play for a touchdown lowered my expectations even more...so I oddly wasn't stressing as a normally do...and low and behold the blind squirl counts the acorn! Go Jackets!
We just seem so much more professional with CBK and staff....
Yep, that start and really most of 1st half told me my decision to not watch the game was smart. Plus it was so much fun watching the tape when you know we win.

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My first thought was I hate CGC for what he did to a program I love. I really thought about turning the game off. But something it me would not do that, guess it was the beer in me. Not sure if I said something in chat but if I did remember I was drunk.
What I thought at 17-0 was a whole lot different from 17-7 I can tell you that. The momentum shift at 17-7 was noticeable and I thought. Well, Mack, you had your chance to put this game away and your defense blew it again. Now, you are likely as not to have a whole heap of trouble in the second half as a result. But even then, I didn't think we would win just create all kinds of grief for Mack. Turns out we did both.


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I was not surprised by the first play by UNC offense and so disheartened. I texted my UNC grad sister in law that I hoped we didn't lose by more than 30. when we were 17-0 I was glad it wasn't 28 or 35, but I wasn't sure we'd score at all, even though we were moving the ball. At 17-14, I decided I was happy with the game no matter the outcome. at 21-17, I thought there was too much time on the clock. Even at 2:48 I was doom and gloom about winning but happy with the gameplay. Nail biter for sure. I yelled a lot at the tv - more good cheers than mad yell. Was so very happy for them.

I did think it was hilarious that at 2 min to go in the half announcers were like, "oh, GT just has to hold onto the ball and not give it back to that explosive offense before the half" and then beginning of 3rd they were like, "UNC didn't play well first half" - just made me laugh. Bias does a lot of things.


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I was still on the road and listening on the radio until halftime. Maybe because I was listening on the GT radio, but I didn’t feel to bad at 17-0. I’d have never thought we’d go 21 unanswered though. Just a remarkable grit put on display

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At that point I wondered if 17 wasn't more than we could possibly score if given 8 quarters. Our TD before halftime changed everything for me. I still didn't think we would win, but I knew we had a shot.

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I watch every play every game and sometimes watch it two or three times. After our poor showing against Miami I asked my daughter at the end of the game if GT band played "HORSE" if we lose so badly?. As usual we stayed through "HORSE" and were as usual the last ones in our section to leave. The last three years have been pure misery, not just the losing but the extremely poor play, and especially poor coaching. Being from a coaching background I am a really bad fan regardless of how things are going. I see things that can be/should be improved and I focus on it.

I was somewhat encouraged even at 17-0 as the D was playing OK and the O showed signs of moving the chains, and I saw some new innovation in the game planning/management. I did not expect to win but I sure saw some things to be encouraged about. It is really tough to lose but even tougher to know you lost because you were out coached.....something not occurring during the CPJ time and I became spoiled. Thank Key for at least lifting that burden (of being out coached) from us bad fans.