#KSUvsGT Postgame


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I can see why, if the starting QB stays in for almost all of the game that people would think we left the starters in the entire time. It was mentioned earlier that we rotated every position but QB and “backups” came in for the second half.
Usually, the starting QB comes out first, and other starters rotate out later, but we did the reverse of that today.
I was just responding to the question that was posed without really looking too deeply into the specifics. I feel like questioning the coaches decision on how he wants to develop players in a blowout is pretty inconsequential in general.


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A beautiful day on the flats today. Did not get baked in the sun.

Maybe it is because of the isolation from Covid, but seemed to be many pretty young ladies on campus especially at the fraternities. Would estimate the stadium was half full.

The kicking game was superb today. I enjoyed the fan reaction to the the made field goal. But really enjoyed the kickoffs into the end zone.

Some great individual efforts, but a great team win.

The weak spot in my opinion was the offensive line play. It was clear Tech had larger offensive and defensive lines, but the oline did not impress. Not sure how they will grade out this week, but did not seem to get much push on runs and pass protection was not sharp. Looked like CDP started rolling Yates to get some time.

Otherwise, was a fun to go to a game and win.

Tech is .500.


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Just got home after a 3 hour drive. Haven’t read anything yet so coming in fresh. My hats off to the option gods for giving us those turnovers. OLine needs work. Yates is very solid. One play he completed a crossing pattern to either Carter or Norris and he was about to throw but waited another beat for the receiver to clear the coverage. It was beautiful because that is what I see from every QB every game except the GT QB. I finally saw it and man did it feel good. Gibbs is very good, duh. Smith is very good. We have some very good young WR’s.

Juanyeh and Tariq I want on my side in a street fight but they shouldn’t be on the field with our talent upgrade at those positions. They are liabilities. Why in the world is our best player returning kicks (insert Smith instead) and why didn’t we take a knee? That’s bush league and could have gotten somebody hurt if KSU didn’t take kindly to it.


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The win was good. It was a fun game and I loved, loved, loved Heroes Day. I’m super thankful for the men and women that put it all on the line to keep us safe. As far as the team goes, I will be optimistic if Clemson beats us by 21 or less. Even though I saw a lot of exciting stuff today, it’s hard to gauge our progress against Kennesaw. We are bigger, stronger, and faster at most positions and we should’ve blown their doors off.


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You should send Brent Key an email. I’d CC Collins as well.

about what something a blind man can see? God if someone else has to point this out to them then you will die never seeing another championship. Besides you brought up analysis. I simple am pointing out my takesway. The ol is terrible call it coaching or talent or both. But it doesn’t change the fact


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My thoughts:
1) Our team cannot stay focused and finish strong. It is insanely frustrating to watch the chunk plays we gave up today, but it's also the empty drives when it's time to demonstrate a killer instinct. We need to find a way to get that instinct, because it's cost us 1 loss already.
2) Yates is a gamer. I see why the coaches prefer Sims and think we would've seen him today if he really was good to go for anything but an absolute emergency. That being said, we need to ride the hot hand in Yates.
3) YAC. Good to see some from McGowan, that is a missing element in our offense.
4) OL play is still terrible considering the opponent. In the run game, something seems different than last year in how we're designing our blocking schemes but I'm going strictly off memory. Has anyone done the film study on the comparison between last year and now?
5) Stone and Biggers were making their presence known. Hard to really tell too much considering opponent and scheme, but I'm hoping they come into their own. DE play is improved YOY.
6) 25!!! Great game by Thomas. Again, unusual scheme for this week, but based on last week as well I'm beginning to feel optimistic about LB play.


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FIFY. What I got from watching Yates will Milton to the state championship in his senior year is that he can lead. He gets the team down the field by hook or crook. He's also very accurate with his throws - 74% completions this week.

So why wasn't he starting before? He was so-so against strong opponents last year and Sims was more effective, but I think it comes down to height. We just saw this above: "He'll have trouble completing passes down the middle." This is a major myth at all levels of football. Russel Wilson is 5'11", Joe Theisman is 6', Fran Tarkenton is 6', and so on. (I won't even mention Eddie LaBaron.) And, of course, Joe Hamilton is 5'10". I never noticed any of these people having trouble spotting receivers down field.

Why wasn't he starting? because in order to get jeff sims to sign collins promised him a start.


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Haven't read through anything yet before posting this. The way we looed today is the way I expected to look last week.

Overall a win beats the hell out of a loss.

Just a couple of big concerns at this time though still are bugging me. The defensive line and offensive lines still have a lot of work to do and have lots of room for improvement.
Also, the secondary despite the two pics has plenty of work to do too. And that was against a team that does not have the talent that will be facing the rest of the season.

Tip of the hat to Yates for a good game, by that I mean making good decisions, including chucking the ball out of bounds went in the distress. Even though the second one he got nailed for intentional grounding because the ball didn't make it anywhere near past the line of scrimmage.

With that said, I am damn happy that we won today!


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We can argue this all day long but Charlie Thomas, for my money, is the best football player on that team. Gentlemen start your arguing.
the fact that he was allowed to try to be a db/safety/nickel last year (all season, iirc) because he wanted to, and the coaching staff acquiesced??? it begged questioning last year based on the horrific performances. and now seeing his performance at LB, it begs even more questioning.


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Another thing that was impressive...Mason absolutely brought the lumber today as a blocking back. He decleated a few guys.

Also, I did like the targeting calls...and the reversals. In real time I could see how the flags were thrown but credit the refs for picking up the flads. several big hits out there today from both squads.