John Havlicek is dead


Helluva Engineer
Hondo was a star on the 1960 Ohio State team that defeated Ga Tech in the quarterfinals of the NCAAT.

That team had HOF players Jerry Lucas and Havlicek in addition to Larry Siegfried and Bobby Knight. Tech had Roger Kaiser, Dave Denton Wayne Richards, and Bobby Dews. You may remember Dews as a long time coach and minor league manager in the Braves organization. Tech ended that season ranked #13.


Helluva Engineer
He was a great player.

I remember when the Hawks had first moved into the Omni, I got to see them play the Celtics with Havlicek.

The man was dribbling up and down the court with the ease of other people walking down the street.


Ramblin' Wreck
Best sixth man ever on great Celtics teams.
Havlicek used to come to my hometown to play golf with Frank Ramsey, who was the original Celtics sixth man.

Ramsey was mentioned in Married with Children. Bud asked Al the trivia question, "Who was known as the best sixth man in basketball? He played for the Celtics", to which Al nonchalantly replied, "Frank Ramsey". Bud was answering a $100 trivia question from the television.