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JOE GIGLIO on how the ACC bowl lineup will change in 2020

Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Football' started by GTFLETCH, Jun 14, 2019.


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    Joe Giglio: The order after the Orange and Outback has yet to be finalized. The ACC has used a “tier” system which will likely be tweaked. There’s a possibility the Camping World, Gator, Pinstripe, Belk and Holiday bowls will be grouped together in the ACC’s top tier. That would put the Military, Sun and Boston in the second tier.

    The league would also have contingency spots in Tampa, Dallas and Birmingham, Ala. for years when it has more than nine bowl-eligible teams.

    1. Orange (ESPN)
    1a. Outback when Big Ten gets Orange slot. (ABC/ESPN) (2 times out of 6 years)

    Top Tier (2-6)
    2. Camping World vs B12 (ESPN)
    3. Holiday vs P12 (FOX)
    4. Gator vs SEC (ESPN)
    5. Belk vs SEC/B10 (ESPN)
    6. PinStripe vs B10 (ESPN)

    Lower Tier (7-9)
    7. Sun vs P12 (CBS)
    8. Boston vs AAC (ESPN)
    9. Military vs AAC (ESPN)

    Conditional tie-ins
    Gasparilla vs. SEC (ESPN)
    Birmingham vs. SEC (ESPN)
    First Responder vs G-5 (ESPN)



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