Interview with Shamire Devine

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Since he is a current topic of interest I figured some may like to hear from the man himself in this current interview the Tech student paper ran. I like this guy, he's a character.

How is this for putting the past season behind you, "onwards and upwards":

What did you think of this past season? The students thought it was great.
Devine: It was a season. Just another season. We just have to get better.

And funny stuff about the UGA game and dealing with his former coach (it will make you feel old how he refers to "1900-something"):

Technique: You’re from Georgia, so what did beating UGA mean to you?
Devine: It felt great that I could get on Facebook and be like “Ha Ha, who won now?” Everyone was sending me pictures, like my old offensive lineman coach, the one that coaches [at UGA] now. He graduated from UGA and was an offensive lineman. He sent me a picture from 1900-something of him pancaking a Georgia Tech defensive lineman. I sent that picture back [after we won,] but it’s reversed now.


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Mind of a stereotypical GT student, but in a body of a gifted athlete. I do like his "it's football, I'll play anywhere coach wants me to" attitude.


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Haha, he's such a dork, and I mean that lovingly. I don't know how you instill fire in a kid. I know I didn't have it when I was playing highschool sports, but I also wasn't a freak athlete. Either way if he's using football as a means to get an education that he wants then he's everything college sports is supposed to be about.

He has the UGA hatred down - that was his longest answer. If he can learn to hate VPI, Clemson, Miami, FSU, UNC, Duke, UVA, and ND the same amount I think he'll do alright.


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Shamire is a good kid...he really is. Super nice dude.

He made the right decision coming to Tech over factory schools.

A little background info I don't think he will mind that I share...his Mom works at a local waffle house and has to work a lot to keep up with Shamire and the two other kids...She's a tough Mom and has always pushed him to do things and to stay on top of his academics...I have no doubt Shamire will leave Tech with a degree and put it to good use.


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I bet he's not used to being pushed for a job, now he's got serious competition and he has to decide if he's gonna do what needs get done. A great athlete is a combination of being blessed with great physical tools combined with an unquenchable desire and will. Some of the greatest athletes of all time were some of the most tireless workers, too.


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Love his final word. True STUDENT-athlete.

Also love his "best part about the Orange Bowl." Goes to show you what mindset some of the players have about the bowl season. They're looking to have a good time.


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I didn't know he was actually a CS major (bio says Computer Engineering for what it's worth). That is super impressive, as he's probably putting a more time into school than most of Tech's student-athletes. Combine that with the effort he's putting into getting his body right (diet and workout), his family situation from what Eric mentioned above, and I'm just extremely impressed with Shamire. And this is before he's scratched the surface of his potential on the field.


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SD is a unique guy may have gotten lost in the shuffle in a factory school.glad he is a JACKET. let a GT degree be his reward, on the field though just put him out there he will put in work he protect the qb. it was said he doesn't pull so well then don't use him for a pulling play use what you have the best way you can. i know coaching aint that simple but that's what i would do. cant what for the new season.