Injury Prevention


Helluva Engineer
Gibson, GA
Good read, we have a good strength and conditioning program with Coach Sisk. I think we just need more of a killer instinct. Third and long we need to bring it and get in the QBs face. We get up 20-0 we need to blow it open and stick the dagger in. I like having guys who will kick you when your down. If this was the case we woulda embarrassed an undefeated miami last year, and uga. Were not far off guys just need some bullies on the team to keep the guys motivated when we're winning and when we have our opponents on 3rd or 4th and long.


Helluva Engineer
That was fun to read and made a lot of sense. I think – to be more exact, I hope – our strength and conditioning program is built around something like this.

I have noticed that the Cardinal players don't actually appear to be all that athletically gifted at a basic level. Overall team speed is not one of their forte's, for instance. What they do appear to be is very well conditioned and strong. Now we know why.