I like our team, however....

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I really like the team the we putting out this year. And I like the idea that we have good big men and good guards returning for several years. I also am impressed with the recruits we have for next year including the 7 5 center who could absolutely dominate inside. He potentially could be the best player in college B Ball in spite of the the comments offered earlier.
However, this is the ACC and we need to recruit the best of the best. We compete with Duke, NC, Louisville,
Syracuse and the rest THE ACC. They are not recruiting potentially good players. They are recruiting really good to great players. This is not junior college and we need to bring in All Stars. How the heck does a team like Kentucky have 6 players turnover (go pro) and bring 6 freshmen and still remain in the top. We are a great school with GREAT opportunity and not getting every 5 star available is deplorable. What the .... does Kentucky offer over us.
How did Cremins bring in one great pt guard and all of a sudden we are on the map? It seems two things to me: 1. We never let the players play. It seems we are so consumed by defense, position players and other crap that the players are not allowed to play. I remember when Hewitt came in and left a message to his players: Run and Get Strong because you will be shooting within 6 seconds or passing to a player who will shoot. They went all the way to the National Championship. LET THESE ATHLETES GO!!!! What is with the down-coaching. You might find that Bolden is really a spectacular shooter. However, if he is told all the time that he is deficient in defense, he has no chance. This guy is pro material. We have other players just that good. G-H should be on every sports show for his spectacular moves. Why NOT.
2. I have heard we cannot do recruit at that level for several reasons. We are academically challenging. We are not a large institution. We .... We.... We... There are many excuses. How about Duke? They are obviously a failing institution and they do not hold the standards we do. (Sarcasm) They have a coach who makes it happen. OK coach....Get the best because we are the best. 2 stars do not compete well against 5 stars.

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Your views on Hewitt's strategy and Bolden are bewildering. But to deal with your question on how UK recruits as it does as opposed to Tech it is very very simple . . . $$$$$$$$$$$ . . . bball recruiting is overwhelmingly about following the money.


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1-Tacko Fall is not ours (is he ?)
2-You are correct this is the ACC, it is not AAU so "just letting them play" without any structured offense or defense would be a disaster
3- Your thoughts on #11 are...................unique

4-I feel like this is either Techno or this boards version of him.


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Assuming this is a real post, OP I hear what you're saying.

1 - Tacko Fall is nowhere near dominating inside at the high-HS level, he could get there for us (if he comes) but he's a project.

2 - I agree that we need to be competing for recruits with the blue bloods or at least be competing occasionally with them. As it is, we're no longer even mentioned with the consensus top 25 guys and that's a problem.

3 - Like @Peacone36 said, playing without a plan on O and D would be disastrous. I think you're complaint isn't that we focus too much on D, it's that CBG doesn't have a good plan on O. I promised I wouldn't be critical of CBG this offseason but that's just a statement fact no one can deny.

4 - No one really throws the academics out as a reason we can't recruit in bball as it doesn't impact us as much in this sport. The reason UK, Duke, etc. out-recruit us is their history, tradition, profile, perception, on and on ... Add to that the $hadine$$. We can hang with them if we won more or had a better recruiting staff. It's possible.

5 - I'm a Bolden fan but he hasn't shown that he can shoot at the NBA level. He can barely get his shot off now. He's got work to do but I do believe he's better than most give him credit for.

6 - Don't ever compare Duke or any other liberal arts schools' academics to GT. The reasons have been hashed and re-hashed on GT football boards from time immemorial. Short version: they can get in whoever they want and can do whatever they want with them once they're there.


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I sure hope this guy was joking. Not 1 point he made, made any sense whatsoever. Bolden will have to improve.in every aspect of his game 100 fold to make it near the NBA. Hewitt had ALOT of talent on the NCAA finals team. Im not sure exactly how much actual coaching he had to do for those guys. CBG has no offensive philosophy... Nobody crashes the boards, nobody gets out on the fastbreak, we dont double team in the post. My point being that... Good defense leads to easy offense. Our offense is ran like a machine... Everybody is a robotic component. Passing just for the sake of passing and shooting or driving once the clock is about to run out. As another poster said... Lets not bring up the recruiting conundrum. Its definitely not as bad in bball, but its still a very limited pool to choose from. I hope CBG can get things turned around for GT, Because hes a nice person and represents the institution well. But i wouldnt bet a single dime on it happening until he implements a more aggressive approach on both ends of the court.


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How many times are we going to pass the ball??