How would the state of college football look had we won that ONE game in 2009?


Helluva Engineer
I've stayed up late pondering this many a night. I think 3 major things happen.
TL: DR: losing in 2009 created a lost decade of opportunity both in the rivalry and the conference that set us back to where we are today. A win in 09 could precipitate up to 8 wins over the gaggers and persumedly 1-3 more ACCCG appearances out of the Coastal as we avoid the 2015 onwards slump.

1. We obviously get 2IAR and a home win. Given that we almost won the next year in Athens, I think we get 3IAR from 2008-2010, and potentially 4IAR in 2011. Confidence breeds confidence and we have never had confidence against uga in my time as a fan.

2. St. Richt gets fired after either 2IAR or a hypothetical 3IAR which means 2012 never happens, and the dogs enter the same coaching purgatory Tennessee was in at the time. This means no Kirby Smart, or an unprepared Kirby Smart getting hired in the 2010-2011 off-season and a likely crash and burn instead of the birth of an Eastern juggernaut.

3. In state recruiting sees an uptick as we consistently beat the mutts and we begin to be thought of along side Clemson and FSU in the ACC. This raises our floor, prevents sasquatch from removing resources, and I think turns 2015 into a 6 won season instead of a 3 and gives us a replacement for Jaylen Ratcliffe other than TaQuon because we're more highly thought of. This in turn creates an opportunity for a 3IAR/4IAR run from 2013/2014-2016 (which we almost got anyway) onto of a potential 3IAR/4IAR run from 2008-2010/2011.

When Paul reviews, assuming in 2018, we still probably don't hire a pure option coach (rules changes really killed the way Paul ran the spread option), but we are much less likely to experiment with a recruiting first nitwit like Collins because we're in a much stronger position both reputationally and financially (winning that much over the mutts brings financial windfalls).