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How to recruit more fans

Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Football' started by GTFLETCH, Jul 23, 2018.


    GTFLETCH Helluva Engineer

    You recruit players to win. You recruit fans to make money - both in terms of tickets as well as TV contracts. But how can you recruit more fans? Here's my prescription for doing just that...

    1) In-stadium experience
    ACC Commissioner John Swofford had this to say: "modernizing stadiums and bringing them up to snuff, so to speak, so that the in-game experience is as good as it can be … it can also start on the field with keeping the game going. We’re continually working at reducing the length of games." In other words, the in-stadium experience must be superior to the on-sofa experience.

    2) Energize the alumni
    I'm not just talking about donations - although that is an important element. I'm talking about attendance and something very important which is looming: demand for the ACC Network channel. ACC schools must get alumni behind this channel. Any alumni who are not already scheduled to get the ACC Network need to sign up for it - or switch TV providers if necessary! Cable companies need to know that the ACCN is just as important as the SECN - and is worth just as much money!

    3) Energize the students
    This is a component of attendance which is often overlooked. 20,000 students or so may not have much of an impact on TV viewership - but it can have a huge impact on stadium attendance. Also, students graduate and become alumni. It's a good long-term plan to turn out as many loyal alumni as possible - and that starts while they're still in school.

    4) Market to the T-shirt fans
    What makes a T-shirt fan? Isn't it someone who supports the team even though he never attended the school? So how can schools increase that pool? Well, how does the NFL market to fans who don't actually live in the host city? They use TV and radio ads, billboards, etc. to keep the team in the minds of fans throughout the area. They may have players, cheerleaders and coaches visit surrounding towns - perhaps signing autographs and taking photographs with fans. No reason ACC teams can't do much the same.

    5) Schedule OOC games wisely
    Winning matters. So does playing interesting games. How can you accomplish both? If you schedule teams which are too strong you won't win... but there are weaker teams which are still interesting to the fans: local G5 teams. Are there any G5 teams in your state? Play them! What about across the border in the neighboring state? Play them too! Finally, when you do play a P5 non-conference opponent, make it someone your team has at least a 50% chance of beating (if not a little higher).

    BOTTOM LINE: ACC schools are winning more games on the field than ever before - but that alone won't make up the huge financial deficit as compared to the SEC and the Big Ten. To do that, ACC teams need more - and better - fans.

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  3. Milwaukee

    Milwaukee Helluva Engineer

    Funny, I just mentioned this in the swag thread.
  4. Gold1

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    Seriously go away
  5. tatertot1

    tatertot1 Helluva Engineer

    It's sad that some of the students don't wanta come out to attend the game but i would say some of them don't know jack abt football or was not raised to go to a game or watch it on tv,I like your input on this,maybe for the alumni make them play a touch only football game before the game or after,for as before the game during wreckers bring some people not from atlanta (locals) to sing bring some from Cali or some groups that are just coming out that are real good and on the scheduling schedule USC or Colorado or Florida I would love to see us play them beat the gator out of them love your input on this bud
  6. Gold1

    Gold1 Helluva Engineer

    Is football here yet?
  7. bobongo

    bobongo Helluva Engineer

    None of that matters if you don't win, so my suggestion is to increase the recruiting budget, recruit nationally, and win more games.

    Win and they will come. Lose and they will stay home. It's that simple.
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  8. Brock_Cocksure

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  10. Gtbowhunter90

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  12. tatertot1

    tatertot1 Helluva Engineer

    Monster drinks lol Nos haha
  13. LibertyTurns

    LibertyTurns Helluva Engineer

    These kids don’t even drink any more.

    Close the library on Monday night except to game attendees. Every hour at the game give the kids still in attendance a ticket for 2 hrs free run of the library. The student section would be packed.
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  14. tmhunter52

    tmhunter52 Helluva Engineer

    Well, if you want more young people present, (1) win more games, (2) install phone chargers at all seats, (3) generate a huge social media event connected with home games, (4) admit more students from Friday Night Lights states, (5) change the Ramblin Wreck fight song to a rap version. I have more, but I don’t think TStan would listen.
  15. Oakland

    Oakland Helluva Engineer

    Back in 1982 UCLA moved their football team from the L.A. Coliseum to the Rose Bowl. They had been playing in the Coliseum since the early 1920s. Bobby Dodd Stadium has tons of history and tradition, but lacks a lot. Maybe it is time to think about a new facility. Maybe an off campus outdoor stadium that holds 45,000, features comforts fans and players desire, and is easy to access with plenty of parking and tailgating.
  16. Milwaukee

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    Just threw up in my mouth a little.
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    Nerds. ;)
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  18. AE 87

    AE 87 Helluva Engineer

    That's it. We should have video game tournaments the week of each home game with the championship being a timed event on the big screen inside Bobby Dodd, ending 1/2 hour before kickoff.
  19. RyanS12

    RyanS12 Helluva Engineer

    Winning consistently will help a lot. Branding is huge and hopefully when the Adidas merchandise hits that will help. We need something to create a buzz to the young crowd. I’m 40 years old (41 tomorrow.....) and i have really seen Tech to be considered “cool” since the 90’s. Boys n the hood, Cuba Gooding Jr wearing a GT hat. Phife Dog with a GT hat and Starter pullover in A Tribe Called Quest video.
    I get that fans want a clean, traditional look to our uniforms and I do as well but we need something once or twice a year to get the younger crowd, potential recruits and possible new side walk fans hyped up about. Tech really lacks in marketing and originality. For a school that has all the tools and resources to brand itself on another level we seem to be stuck in 1992 with the way it puts itself out there.
  20. gtg970g

    gtg970g Helluva Engineer

    Announce all game times at beginning of season and sell alcohol!
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