HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread


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I’ve heard from 1 source that tech/tech boosters have already talked to Deion already within the past month/few weeks or so.
This is a fact
And i am first person privy to talking about hugh freeze too (edit to say talking to the gtaa board members)


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You might want to check out their from this past weekend. They used four wide, five wide, I, double slot. Plus they don’t huddle.
Really?? I could've sworn Kennesaw State ran a triple option, did they just switch it up or am I totally off the ball here?


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at the end of the day you watch national media and everyone talks about how tech is a sleeping giant. georgia tech fans are the only ones that talk about our program like no one would want to come here. even clemson, uga, and other acc fans talk about how tech should be in a better spot than we have been the last 20 years

Who said Tech is a sleeping giant other than that Josh Pate guy on his Late Kick show back when Collins was hired?


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Who said Tech is a sleeping giant other than that Josh Pate guy on his Late Kick show back when Collins was hired?
Just about anyone with a brain that sees Tech in the heart of the most fertile recruiting grounds in all of America. All it takes is for someone to tap into it

Out of all the football fans I’ve talked to, the ones who doubt us being a sleeping giant the most is our own fan base.


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BOB has not done anything to prove that he is a good college coach. going 8-4 and 7-5 at Penn state feels like another Collins move.
You realize he coached the two years following the NCAA death penalty? He had to deal with reduced scholarships, 15 players transferring out (at a time when there was no transfer portal) and an entire country essentially hoping for them to fail.

Coming into the 2013 season BOB would only have 67 scholarship players to use. I can't find info on the 2012 roster, but I'm pretty sure it was in the 60's as well. Keep in mind, FCS teams get 63.

I don't think BOB should be our coach, but he dealt with a bigger disaster at Penn St than Collins did coming in to GT, and BOB performed better.


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Other coaches have put their spin on it and there is more then one way to run it. Plus if we could get back to 7 wins I would take that in a heart beat after the last four.
other coaches have put their spit on recruiting and there’s more than one way to do it.

7 wins would be nice but you’re assuming those coaches are as good as paul (they’re not). no guarantees were even a lot better


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If you want to get an idea of some of the assistants out there, you can look at past Broyles award winners. There are a large number to sift through.

Tashard Choice was one of the ACC nominees for last season.
Just sayin', but Collins is the only one to be nominated for the Broyles Award at three different schools:

"He is the only coach to ever be nominated for the Broyles Award, given to college football’s top assistant coach, at three different schools (FIU – 2010, Mississippi State – 2014 and Florida – 2015)."