Harvin Makes the Ray Guy Award’s “Ray’s 4” Weekly List


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He's got a decent throwing arm. We've seen him run with the rock.

He's made more than his fair share of special teams tackles too. I think 2 (or maybe even 3) on the botched field goals/extra points.

Very valuable player!



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I suspect there will be another weekly award thread for Harvin once votes are tallied. For now I'll post this from the GT vs Cuse postgame notes:

Harvin's 64-yard punt in the second quarter was the second-longest of his career, behind only his 70-yarder last Saturday vs. UCF. Harvin averaged 49.3 yards over seven punts, with three traveling 50-plus yards and three pinning Syracuse inside its 20 yard line.

Harvin entered the game averaging 47.1 yards per punt, which would have led the nation, but he fell one punt shy of the 3.6/game minimum needed to qualify for the official NCAA statistical rankings. He is now averaging 48.2 yards per punt this season.


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Pressley has now made the Ray's 4 five times in six tries this year

Vote here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/TTMKBR5

I went back to see who has made the Ray's 4 more than once this year to compare against Harvin's 5 times.

3 times:
Lucas Dean - UTSA

2 times:
John Haggerty - WKU
Zach von Rosenberg - LSU
Rhys Byrns - Louisiana
Jake Camarda - ugag

Harvin is also the only one to be selected twice as #OurGuy from the #Rays4 weekly lists. He has to be the front runner for the award this year.