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Guns in Bars Law an Official Embarrassment

Discussion in 'The Swarm Lounge' started by ATL1, Jul 3, 2014.

  1. ATL1

    ATL1 Helluva Engineer

    What in the Hell redneck thought this was a good idea..??
    Does Obama being President scare them that much that they have to allow guns on MARTA (which they'll never actually ride on), airports, and for goodness sake CHURCHES !?!?!

    I'm so embarrassed by the ABSOLUTE *** backwardness of the state leadership. We are at the bottom of the barrel in Education in the nation and apparently in COMMON SENSE as well !!!!!
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  2. buzz_wiser©

    buzz_wiser© Helluva Engineer

    Obviously you havent been on MARTA lately yourself.
    MARTA has allowed CW WITH a permit for years!
    I ride MARTA to all my functions when im n ATL. Ive never had any issues at all.
    But if the fit hits the shan. I WILL protect me and my family accordingly.

    The law states churches can opt out if they so choose to. The laws states bar owners can opt out as well..
    You can carry in a bar for years, this isnt nothing new. It just now gives the owner the right to protect his patrons or not..
    For me, I don't patriotize any establishment that doesn't allow me my right to carry inside. Yep, that means as of yesterday, Target lost my business when they decided they wouldn't allow fire arms inside. No biggie, I will hang with the other freaks at walmart.

    Airports allow carry in main traveled areas. This doesn't mean a passenger will be allowed to carry onto a plane.

    Common sense is less common now a days..
    There has NEVER EVER been a gun that has just killed someone acting alone.
    It had help! This law finally protects the people who want to protect themselves and somewhat level the playing field.
    If this law being implemented implies I AM a redneck...So be it....

    People who fear guns and the right to bear arms will be glad someone like myself will be in the crowd when it goes down! I don't know anyone who has a permit to carry and is someone that enjoys the freedom as well as responsibility to carry a weapon who wouldn't protect people in those type situations either.

    IT has nothing to do with OBAMA. It has everything to do with our founding fathers giving us the born right and privilege to assemble in public and speak our minds as well as protecting ourselves.
  3. AE 87

    AE 87 Helluva Engineer

    @ATL1 makes a really important point. I mean, you hear about it all the time where some crazy gunman was about to shoot-up a train or church but when they saw the little sticker with a line through the gun, they say, "Well, I can't bring a gun in here," and go home
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  4. Stinger90

    Stinger90 Helluva Engineer

    All I know is Guns and Alcohol don't mix. It's not a race thing...it's a death thing when mixing the two.

    I do believe in the right to bear arms if and when necessary, and will do so. But I don't feel the need to carry one every where I go. That's just me. Just don't F with me in my home.
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  5. ATL1

    ATL1 Helluva Engineer


    I appreciate your honest reply without the snark.
    But again how many gun battles are taking place on a MARTA bus? Including your or any one else's gun into a situation/confrontation doesn't mean the problem solved or the conflict is resolved it just means that an untrained non professional is adding his gun & bullets to an altercation he isn't paid or properly trained to handle or deal with. Why is that necessary? If you want to protect your family great load your home & properties with as many guns your mind can imagine, but please don't bring your gun to add to the harms way of my family in a public setting.

    The Mayor is taking appropriate steps just like he did with that stupid immigration law.
  6. buzz_wiser©

    buzz_wiser© Helluva Engineer

    excuse my snarkiness....Im just a strong supporter of my rights..The same ones that you have. If you don't wont to carry a fire arm then don't. But there is no need in bashing those of us who do and saying they are rednecks..

    And as far as what the mayor is doing...

    When someone shoots up the courthouse AGAIN...Maybe they will reconsider.

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