#GTvsDUKE Postgame


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wow - I will take a W any chance it is offered. I agree with some of you in chat today that the scheme and play calls leave a lot to be desired, but some of us calling for a L so we can change direction have lost the plot. We have CGC for the next few years basically no matter what. We need to get healthy (bye week timing is perfect for that) but if we can split the back half of the season and make a bowl than that would be huge progress from where we have been.

Put together another class or two in recruiting like we have, and I think we can see us turning the corner as a team. Let's stay together and hope we get healthy these next two weeks. Helluva effort today from the guys to close the game out.


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Was watching most of the game at a bar so couldn’t tell how hurt we were.

Sounds like the OL and DBs were banged up based on postgame interview.

I’ll start with the positives since we won.

Sanders made 2 great plays on the last drive. Don’t know why we don’t throw to him more. He’s explosive.

Sims showed why he’s continued to keep the starting role though he didn’t play great. I wish we’d let him throw the ball down the field more too.

Defense kept fighting in the 2nd half and they were on the field a lot.

Nice to have a kicker I felt confident would make the game tying fg if we didn’t score a td at the end.

The bad. Not fun watching Duke dominate the LOS.

Play calling is starting to bother me. I’ve been pretty quiet on that front for a while because a lot of issues were up front. I’m starting to lose some patience with CDP.

All in all it’s great to see a GT win. And winning a game like that is better for a you g team than blowing out UNC. We had to have a stop on D and got it (thanks in part to a hold). And we had to score to win and we did.

Hopefully the break will let us heal up and we can win 2 in a row for the first time in a long time.


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We were told it would take the longest to rebuild the oline and dline. That seems to be the weak spots. Winning while getting blown off the ball each play is a good day. Looking forward to the influx of talent on the lines next year.


Nah, coaching is what matters. Not recruiting. Cut is going to coach circles around Collins. Just ignore the last two head-to-heads.

He did out coach Collins...Duke came back and almost won. If it was only about talent then it should have not been close.
How many times did our D get a sack or even a hurry? How many yards did their RB get again?
How many third downs did we convert? How many turnovers did we commit?
This win felt like a loss but we won an thats what counts.


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LOL...some of you acting like we're 'Bama. Has anyone paid attention to the last 2+ years? Sure, we could have played a lot cleaner or a lot better, but beggars can't be choosers at this point. I'll take a win any way we can get it. I'll take a season full of ugly wins like this.

CGC now tied for his win total each of the last two season. Let's get at least 3 more wins and the program can turn a corner.


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I mean seriously. How TF do you MUFF a punt ... INTO the endzone ... and have that be a TOUCHBACK?!

I wasn't kicked into the endzone. YOU put it in there!

"But it wasn't a possession, kg" - Mealy-mouthed ref

Don't gimme that sh*t! If it wasn't possessed, then why's it not a live ball then? In which case it would be a SAFETY, right!?