#GTvsCLEM Postgame

Heisman's Ghost

Helluva Engineer
Albany Georgia
Good, hard fought game. Couldn’t ask for anything more from the players. Coaches still take odd timeouts.

Unsure whether Clemson O is just bad this year, but we’ll know more next week.
I know I should not do this...but I could not resist running over to TigerNet to see what their fans were saying. They were complimentary of our team and the effort, grit, toughness, etc. we displayed but what they had to say about the offensive coaches is not fit for a family forum such as this. I can't exactly remember who Tony Elliot is, (offensive coordinator perhaps?) but they were ready to fire him under the goal posts after the game. As for DJ, well, he is no longer the fair haired boy. They were bitching about holding calls not being made by officials, the onside kick, the safety, being beat by NC State next week, so on and so forth. Gee, you would have thought they lost to Northern Illinois or something.


Jolly Good Fellow
I don’t know if Clemson is falling off, we’re improving, or a little of both, but I’ll take it. Even if Clemson is falling off, I refuse to believe that Dabo let his team go from 5 consecutive years of dominance (and about a decade of being very good) to being terrible over the course of a single offseason. Way to fight it out, boys!
Clemson still has four and five stars at every position. Credit to the coaches for a good game plan and players for executing it. Lousy holding penalty cost us in the first half. Otherwise we are tied and it’s a different game. Didn’t like the play calling at the end but thought otherwise game plan was pretty solid.


Ramblin' Wreck
Defense played well obviously, though I don't understand the constant 3 man front when they are running right at us. Offense did decent, too much sputtering and bad playcalling in the red zone, which has been a CGC hallmark, but at least we could get field goals this time. Yates is the guy going forward, just makes good decisions more often than not. A lot to build on, I hope we qre able to.


Jolly Good Fellow
If I did my numbers right, Yates’ QBR for the game was 112. He had a 61% completion percentage and 6.2 ypc.
Yates is the answer bottomline... If he started that 1st game we win and I've watched the kid since High School he's a winner, quick reader and solid fundamental passer.... people who hark about arm strength If you put your passes on the right spot on time you don't have to have the strongest arm says Dree Brees and Russel Wilson