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    Wanted to look at the series over the years and throw out a few questions...
    UGA of course leads the all-time series 65-39-5.
    GT posted a 27-26-5 from 1893-1963. And in 1963, as most of you know Dodd pulled us out of the SEC.
    From 1933 to 1963 (SEC years) GT was a positive combined 16-13 over UGA.
    Since leaving the SEC in 1963 GT is a negative 38-12 against UGA.
    Over the last 3 decades GT is a negative 23-8 against UGA.

    Did leaving the SEC negatively impact the series against UGA?
    If GT was still in the SEC today what would our football or academic status be like? Comparative to now.
    Would us being in the SEC have a positive impact on our recruiting?
    Would we be the Vanderbilt of the SEC?

    These are all of course theoretical questions and are intended for entertainment only. There is no way of knowing and we will never be in the SEC again. What has happened has happened but I just thought it was worth a brainstorm. We all know that football in relation to the media is different now in comparison to what it was 50 years ago.
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    It is not a matter of pulling out of the SEC, it is the change in professional football that is the biggest factor. Prior to the 60's professional football was a part time gig, The path to success was getting a good college degree and a high paying career after graduation. That is why schools like Tech, Duke, Army, Navy, the Ivy league were good football schools. It was a path to a good future. Once football became a career path (in the eyes of many) education took a back seat and the factory schools have risen and stayed in power.
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    Very astute observation.
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    Sounds as good as anything else written about our demise.......I still say hard to play ball against folks who can take basket weaving and still be eligible.
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    True that college football has completely changed since then but ironic that the reason Dodd pulled out of the SEC was due to Bear and others over signing. That part hasn't changed.
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