GT vs. Georgia St.


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I only watched what were probably the worst 5 minutes of the game, as we let a 13-5 lead when I tuned in evaporate into a deficit. I couldn’t stand watching anymore and turned it off.

All I know is the Pastner era has full of losses to teams we should not lose to in “preseason”. That continues, much to my disappointment.


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Sadly the roster is much improved from when Pastner took over and it's still mostly terrible with only 3 or 4 players talented enough to actually be playing significant minutes.


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I watched the entire game. We just don’t have the players. The guards dribble themselves into bad positions, are constantly out of control (moving way to fast) which causes them to not be able to finish. The announcers always talk about guys being able to get to the rim. In today’s game of whistles every drive, any player can get to the rim. It’s what you do when you get there. Our center missing free throw after free throw cost us the game in regulation. He’d be a 6th man on a good team but he’s our best player. The other guys have very limited athleticism or basketball awareness. We stayed in the game because the refs gave us a LOT of calls. We shot 59 free throws to their 38. We got the Duke treatment and still lost.


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THis was a must win At HOME with 4 starters back and 4 Srs. The experience sure didn't show up. (TOs and FG%) .In bball, if you can't shoot you don't win (this isn't soccer).We don't have a Off that gives easy baskets (TOs/assts bad)(coaching) so left with 3 pters--(25%). UGGGG!.The DEF didn't work well either (gsu % was better.). .Also, with our small (fast?) line-up, we still got killed on fastbreaks.Disappointing-A good coach brings home (calls the right plays,etc) these close games.
The only thing keeping us in the game was their FT shooting.Ironically, the vital time that varied from this was with JA missing and they hitting 2 FTs at end of an OT.
Whatever P's practice plan was,it didn't work.I would be surprised if he can recover from this as he also definitely did not replace our CTR--hard to play with 4 guys for a game much less a season..
Sad,just sad.


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Every year we struggle to win as many non conference games as needed to be a tourney team. Hopefully we just ran into a good Ga State team and the loss doesn't look bad over time.
I hope that means that Georgia State wins not only their division but their conference straight up.


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My observations
1. We are not terrible offensively and Ga State despite missing FT's was amazing on their 3's - they played well
2. We miss Banks and very worried about inside defense and board play - a little foul or injury trouble for Wright and I don't know who we go to from there
3. Frustrated with Devoe but he will play better - hurt the team last night with turnovers and wild 3's
4. Alvarado is a stud and great player
5. Pastner is the coach like it or not so we will live with him but he has shown a tendency to not know his team early in the year and it results in bad losses. Been true for 2 or 3 years. For example, our zone play last night was horrible yet he begun the game with it - he doesn't know how to get his big guys a role - Howard and the G man are going to have to play yet he was afraid to play them last night - Pastner seems to figure things out during the season but it takes awhile and this team to make the tourney has to win OOC. Last year he thought we could play fast pace and had to pull back the reigns and we played better once he did.


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This is Georgia State for crying out loud , sad
Whack Hyder is probably rolling in his grave.
Speaking of Ga. State, they're building a new arena and I believe they are getting some state funding. How does that happen?
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Based off of one game... No

Win or lose this game, I think the biggest concern I would have when questioning if this is a tourney team is the lack of post defense. We knew Moses couldn't do it alone, but the young guys (Howard and Saba) have to be better than that. They do not look ready for ACC play at all.

Not worried about Devoe, he just had an off night.


Losing a few bad non-P5 OOC practice games has been built into the team DNA for about 5 years now.
I'm sure tired of getting my hopes up just to have them crushed violently so early in the season.
My estimate of our NCAA chances has fallen from about 50% to about 15%


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GT was a good bball program that has been run into the ground through continual bad decisions by leadership. From Gregory to Hewitt's golden contract now to Pastner, this program could be dynamic, but instead its a joke.

I'm sorry but you lost me tonight, this is pitiful and needs to change. We need people to step up, pay the money, get partner out of here, and get a head coach who knows how to run a good program.

There is no way why we should ever settle for less than a tourney invite or top 25 team. There is way too much talent around Atlanta.

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I’ll just say that Rob Lanier is a great coach. I beleive that. Not in the way that Tom Izzo thinks Brian Gregory is a good coach, just legitimately. The fact that Lanier has Cliff Warren and Jarvis Hayes sitting on his bench is something. The GT offense hasn’t been the same since S1 when motion was the principle. Devoe got cute a couple times and no one loves a “whooooo girl”.

we should have won the game in the third OT.

41-59. Ball game


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Two stats from the box score told me why we lost. FG%, which is perennially terrible, and lack of production from the bench.

Add in the lack of production from the C position, and I'm surprised it took 4 OT to lose.