GT @ Syracuse 2/28/23 GAME THREAD


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Yeah. He has a huge upside. He was a key in the last win with his rebounding and a shot block.
In the offseason, Moore needs work on the mid-range jumper and finishing strong. I feel like he tends to miss some easy bunnies due to hesitation and being too finesse. He's definitely one of those players that can make a big leap next year if he puts in the work.


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In this thread I called that last night's game would be the best of the season so far. Please don't be fooled. There is no way this team can consistently play like they did last night. There is no margin for error with this group.
I don’t understand how we’ve played 7 really great games in a row (leaving out Florida Tech) if there’s no margin for error. We have a set of guys who knock down open looks at a high clip. We saw it last year. Leaps from Sturdy and Deivon and we added Franklin. Now we are generating open looks in the post-Princeton era and our average PPG is skyrocketing. It’s not a coincidence.

There is no margin for injuries, I’d agree with that.

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Not to be that guy, but Syracuse has been miserable of late. And, we are still only 5-14 (maybe get to 6, but BC is playing well), and wouldn't the fact that we have some talent on this team make the job more desirable for a new coach- cupboard not bare, etc? I love Pastner, but I am having a hard time forgetting and 9 game losing streak.
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lv20gt, I agree somewhat, but taking all season to find the best 5, and adjusting your offense is damning. These next 2 games will give Batt a good reading. I do not envy him making this decision. LOL

There is certainly something to be said for him going with the princton when it should have been obvious that it didn't fit. I can see why he would want to because it would have the ball more in the hands of a senior and take pressure off of the sophs to carry the entire load, but it was clear even before the year that we shouldn't have been running it.

I don't get the finding the best 5 thing. The group we've leaned on the past several games (Coleman, Kelly, Terry, Sturdy, Moore, Franklin) have been the primary group we've leaned on all year. The only real difference is the lack of Smith due to injury, and the lack of Howard, in part to injury it sounds like, but in part to going away from the above. We had given Maxwell some time to have an opportunity to show what he could do but he was never really in the rotation much. So yeah, it boils back down to the choice of offensive philosophy going into the year. However, it's also likely that our guards and wings weren't quite ready earlier in the season and have grown up with the experience, so it's not even a guarantee that switching earlier, or starting different, would have replicated these results right away.


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If it were just one game then I'd agree. But we've been playing much better the past month, going 4-3 in conference in that stretch. Now admittedly, we basically beat the bottom half teams and lost to the top half but we were competitive against all, and I would argue that level of play is more with a middle of the pack team than a cellar dweller.

Now some would try to argue that doesn't matter and probably toss out the "you are what your record says" and if we were talking about makin the NCAAT then that's true. But for projecting towards next year how we are playing now is a lot more relevant than how we were playing in November.

Now as far as being more desirable, sure, although with a coaching change there is an increased chance of transfers out so I'm not sure how big an effect that is. But the important dynamic there is the balance of who is more likely to have success with this group. Based on his history, I think there is a legitimate chance Pastner can take this group and make the NCAA (with a transfer group similar to what we have usually brought in). Pastner has had pretty good success when he's had a group that have had a lot of experience and multiple scoring options which is the general dynamic we have going forward. Also, he's had some success and taking transfers and turning them into quality players, which is what we need at the 5. Banks, Usher, Franklin, Terry, Smith. So I think it's reasonable to believe that he can get someone who can be productive at the 5 even if not a perfect fit. All that to me indicates it's a real consideration that needs to be made that Pastner could have success the next couple of years. That couldn't be said when we fired Gregory. On the other side switching coaches increases the likelihood of transfers out but it might improve the likelihood of transfers in, especially from wherever the coach just came from. There is also the individual risk vs potential of each coach. It's why I think we shouldn't just fire Pastner and then figure out afterwards. I think there are certainly coaches where that balance would favor making the move, but it should be more or less worked out ahead of time.
Unfortunately things are so different with NIL, the transfer portal and extra COVID year. I just hope our really good young players don't get poached, eg Kelly.
If Pastner gets another year he MUST get a really good center to replace Franklin. Not sure about a PG but Smith injured should be back and not sure about Sturdivant next year. Then what in 2024-2025 but that's an eternity for Pastner now.


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This is the team of shooters I expected to see at the beginning of the season. Terry, Kelly, Coleman, Maxwell are all supposed to be shooters. Sturdivant is supposed to be a serviceable midrange shooter. All season we haven't seen the level of shooting we'd expect. Now, we do. Difference in winning and losing. Coleman still isn't where he should be, but I think he'll get there. To be honest, if everyone stays and someone steps up and fills Franklin's role, we could be a dangerous team next year. We could also be a repeat of this year. Just depends.


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I must be dreaming.I checked the game results and was amazed.Those stats were CRAZY.A triple -double guy ,3 pt %, asst/TOs , and an AWAY game. Probably too little too late with the thin bench but much better than not.Just wow.


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Classic pastner to get the team rolling at the back 1/3 of the season but look completely incompetent for the first 2/3. Idk why we start so slow every year with this guy, but I hope this is his last year unless he wins the ACCT. I’ve personally seen enough.