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GT Swarm User Title Suggestions Needed

Discussion in 'The Swarm Lounge' started by John, Jul 11, 2013.

  1. John

    John Peacekeeper Staff Member

    Right now, we have these boring default user titles which depend on how many posts you have:
    • New Member: 0
    • Member: 5
    • Active Member: 25
    • Well-known Member: 45
    We also have the "GT Athlete" title that are given to verified former or current GT athletes.

    Would appreciate it if you guys could help come up with some creative titles that are GT-related that we can use here. As Eric posted as soon as we migrated over to the new site, we are always looking for feedback and suggestions to make the site better so wanted to get the community involved even for things that are minuscule in details.

    And if it wasn't clear already, GT Swarm is in it for the long haul. So whatever titles we pick will most likely be used for a very long time.

    No pressure though. ;)
  2. Eric

    Eric Retired Co-Founder Staff Member

    Maybe do something where a certain amount of post gets a user title of a all time GT great...

    Like 1,000 post = Key Fox
    5,000 = Calvin Johnson
    10,000 = Joe Hamilton
    1 = Paul Hewitt :D

    Just a idea.
  3. xenoabe

    xenoabe Ramblin' Wreck

    How many breakdowns do you get? I'm a letterwinner but not technically an Athlete, so what do I get? :)

    0-100 (except for 4): RAT
    4: Don't throw it away!
    100-250: Golden Tornado
    250-500: Castleberry Contributor
    500-1000: Whistleblower
    1000-2000 (except 1885): Ramblin' Man
    1885: Founder
    2000-5000: Son of Dodd
    5000+: Heisman's Henchman
  4. John

    John Peacekeeper Staff Member

    LOL. I was thinking that should be the title for all banned members.

    Okay, I'll be honest. I thought "letterwinner" was for sports only?
  5. xenoabe

    xenoabe Ramblin' Wreck

    It is, but student trainers and managers get them as well.
  6. John

    John Peacekeeper Staff Member

    Heh, had no idea. PM'ing you cause I've got more questions. :)

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