GT Pitching Philosophy Change?


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Nice write up about pitching and relief depth of pitching being our strength -

Then I look at our 2015 class, 6 of 9 are pitchers??!!:
52Jonathan HughesRHP6-3190R RFlowery BranchFlowery BranchGA
79Brandt Stallings1B6-4215R RKings Ridge ChristianBufordGA
120Tristin EnglishRHP6-2180R RPike CountyWilliamsonGA
127Bobby GauvreauRHP6-0205R RSprayberryMariettaGA
298Tyler StephensonC6-4205R RKennesaw MountainKennesawGA
369Joey BartC6-2210R RBufordBufordGA
500Burton DulaneyRHP6-0170R RDarlingtonRomeGA
500Austin KrzeminskiRHP6-2190R RRoswellRoswellGA
500Jake LeeRHP5-11175R RWhitewaterBrooksGA

So here's my thought. Danny Hall has seen a lot of teams advance in the CWS on pitching depth. He's tried power hitting and that hasn't worked. So now is he trying pitching depth?

Or is this just the best players he could recruit and the players position just happens to turn out to be pitching? I don't think so.
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I think the change in bat specifications a few years ago has forced some teams to play baseball instead of home run derby. Also, your observation as to success in the CWS seems to have been noticed by good coaches as well.


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It really might be a whole new ballgame on the Flats, eh? 'Bout time.

Well, Nuke, we've discussed this before. It seems the Jackets are always a pitcher or two short come May and June, so maybe Coach Hall is finally changing how he builds a team. He let go an old buddy & longtime pitching coach a year or two ago; it will be interesting to see how this plays out. You have to be able to pitch, play D, and manufacture timely runs to make a run @ Omaha these days. Augusta's point about bat specs is important. Guys aren't hitting homers off the bat handle or the end of the bat like they did a few years ago. Real baseball is back, and we have to learn how to play it.