GT Paul Johnson Radio Show 9/9/2013

Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Football' started by John, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. John

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    I'll post the MP3 file as soon as it's uploaded. Was a very interesting today.


    Here are some notes:
    • Vad needs to carry out his fakes better, pretend like he has the ball; don't watch the game
    • Still recruiting like 20 guys even with 17 commits
    • No idea how to play fantasy football; daughter plays, she asks CPJ's brother.
    • Sorry for Falcons, close game. Talks to Mike Smith regularly.
    • With Miami and Clemson win against favorite SEC teams, maybe we don't have to hear that (SEC talk) for a while
    • Isaiah Johnson cleared by doctors, so whenever he is ready
    • Is Vad best passer in CPJ's era? He's only played one game, let's let him play some more games. He will define himself, doesn't need me to define him.
    • Toughest part of job? All the administrative stuff, outside of football stuff, recruiting, academic stuff, things people don't see. The football part is fun. Love uniform complaints.
    • Punt return rules? Put heels on 10 yard line and don't go backwards
    • Pat Gamble, third DT. Lots of playing time this year.
    • Defense better at defending read option stuff because of what we run? Misnomer, don't think so.
    • Every offense is assignment football.
    • Zone read offense has a lot of similarities to what we do
    • No secret way to defend option (zone read or whatever).
    • CPJ was a little riled up about the question about Packers knowing how to defend zone read. Packers interior linemen were doing a great job but a different team without good interior linemen can run the same defense and won't be as good.
    • Probably need to throw a little more in the NFL, depends on the guys you have
    • Thinks Vad is a better runnin than passer right now but he can be both
    • Need to take away Duke's easy throws, get pressure on them
    • Waller and Henry back in rotation after 1-game suspension
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    Thanks for the info. John. Good stuff.
  3. Eric

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    Thanks John.
  4. TechCubed

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    Is it just me or is the CPJ show really good this year? They seem to be a lot more entertaining and informative than in the past. I love Wes to death, but Brandon has brought some new energy to the show. He seems to come a bit more from a fan's perspective, and he's gotten some good responses from CPJ about a wide variety of topics.
  5. GTrob21

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    Great stuff JOhn

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