GT Paul Johnson Radio Show 11/25/2013


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Hate Week Radio show. Will update with summary, live stream, and download link in this thread.

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These are para-phrased and I won't pretend to be able to para-phrase everything perfectly so feel free to correct me if I misinterpret something. The bullet points in bold are the ones I thought were interesting/funny.
  • Bama A&M: got control in first quarter. Didn't know the level of competition going in.
  • 52-0 in 2nd quarter, started subbing in everyone. Good to get guys chance to play.
  • Most of the defensive starters got in for 8 plays. 15-16 plays for offensive starters.
  • Caller Q: thoughts on matchup with ugag up front? They have a lot of new guys. Their offensive line has more experience than defensive line. Broke down games from last few years. Last year, got out of control fast but two years ago, it came down to fourth quarter.
  • 2nd string QB? Mason's been in their system for a few years. Don't expect too many changes. Expecting Gurley to get the ball a lot.
  • Challenged our guys today to match them physically.
  • Remember the last four cause CPJ remembers the games lost than the games won.
  • ugag week feel different? Yea, feels like the week lasts forever.
  • Thursday: Thanksgiving lunch with team/coaches/families then players let loose to visit families.
  • CPJ on Murray: tremendous player for ugag, always played well against us, best wishes.
  • ugag's defense? Big guys inside. Not as experienced in the backend as they've been in the past.
  • Got some wrinkles but we've played with them enough times where both teams know what each does. If there were any changes on our side, wouldn't tell tonight.
  • Twitter Q: When do we find out about bowl? Probably next week.
  • Twitter Q: Social media rules for players? Abuse leads to restriction. Spend a lot of time pre-season to go over the rules.
  • Twitter Q: No running clock? Bama A&M didn't want one. Ref said he could have shortened the quarters but other coach didn't want to do that.
  • Twitter Q: Kick returner? Same guys as before.
  • Caller Q: Extra practice for younger guys for bowl game? Helps a lot. The redshirt guys that's been running scout team gets to play and helps for next season.
  • Caller Q: Assessment of ugag players? Gurley might be best RB in country, they have a very talented team.
  • Caller Q: Any package for Justin and Vad at the same time? No.
  • A lot of Mason's yards came from screens to Gurley, what can we do? We'll know where Gurley is at all times but can't shut out a player like that completely.
  • GSU vs. UF: Proud of Coach Monken. Great for GSU. Not surprised they didn't complete a pass.
  • Clemson vs. USC? Clemson win could mean two ACC teams in BCS bowl.
  • Q: Vad seems hesitant? Vad has gotten better during season but it's not just Vad, everyone needs to be better including coaches.
  • Q: Using more diamond/pistol on 3rd and long? Would like to stay away from 3rd and long situations. Passing on 3rd and long will be low percentage. We probably converted more 3rd downs with option than passing plays.
  • Keys to game: don't change from game to game. Turnovers will be huge. Match them physically. Special teams could be big. Being able to run the ball and stop the run.
  • What's more important? GT vs. ugag in past years? Or ugag vs. other teams this season? Look at both.
  • Caller Q: Seeing progress of team from first game to last game? Have to gauge the competition. The team has gotten in a lot of areas from first game like perimeter blocking but still not where we want to be. Gotten better at pressuring QB. Injuries can result in one step forward, one step back.
  • Q: Preferred weather condition? 60-65F clear. Winds don't bother CPJ too much. Might bother their QB.
  • A lot of ST today outside. Game planning inside.
  • Found kittens today in BDS under west stands: if GT wins, would CPJ adopt a kitten? Dean claimed all the kittens.
  • CPJ has a dog named Lucy, 10 years old German shepherd. Got the dog during CPJ's first season at Navy where they went 2-10 and CPJ needed a friend. Could come home and Lucy didn't care if we won or lost. Wasn't your wife your friend? Only when we won sometimes. :D
  • Last show: thanks to regulars that attend the weekly show. Makes the show a lot more fun.
  • CPJ is looking forward to a lot of white and gold in stands on Saturday.
  • Anything different tradition wise that CPJ can share for rivalry? No, not that CPJ can share.
  • Coach Erk Russell had a phrase he used to say: intelligent fanaticism. Can't be so emotional that we lose control. Have to learn to channel it.
Questions for CPJ?
If you have a twitter account, use #GTRadio hashtag to ask a question. If you don't have a twitter account, post here and I'll try to ask it using the @GT_Swarm account (assuming it's a good question). No uniform questions please. :)


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No problem at all.

CPJ's point of emphasis from today's show came down to:
  • Challenged the players to match them physically
  • Need for us to look forward to being a physical game
For those that don't listen to the show often, it's very typical for CPJ to say something generic like "it's going to be a physical game on Saturday". However, with the way he emphasized the above, it makes me believe that we haven't played ugag as physically as they've been playing us in the last few years (which I think everyone would agree with) and this is something CPJ wants to change.

CPJ often quotes things Coach Russell used to say and "intelligent fanaticism" is a new one I haven't heard.

With that said, all of that may be because I want our guys to beat ugag so bad that I'm hearing what I want to hear instead of being objective about it so take all that with a grain of salt. :)


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How many of you wouldn't mind seeing a flagrant foul or two if it means our guys' attitude was in the right place?
Back when I was in HS, it was nothing for us to get a late hit or personal foul called early in the game. It was our way of sending a message to the other team. Things have changed with the targeting rule now. I would hate to lose Jemea or Jeremiah early in the game on a targeting call.


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Back when I was in HS, it was nothing for us to get a late hit or personal foul called early in the game. It was our way of sending a message to the other team. Things have changed with the targeting rule now. I would hate to lose Jemea or Jeremiah early in the game on a targeting call.
In the old days of pro hockey, each team has a guy who's sole job was too intimidate the opposition physically. It didn't matter if he could play a lick of hockey so it didn't matter if he got tossed. Don't we have a guy named Serpico or Alcalla or something???;)


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How many of you wouldn't mind seeing a flagrant foul or two if it means our guys' attitude was in the right place?
I think the thing that hurt the most about RG getting pile driven was not the act itself or the refs lack of throwing a flag, it was the team attitude after that tackle. That kind of crap needs to start a fight. Let's be honest, if we throw a punch they are going to react and the reaction is what usually draws a flag - at worst it's an offsetting penalty. We can get real chippy and force them into mistakes if our minds are in the right place. Our team might not be more talented, but we can play smarter and forcing them into 15 yard penalties is a good way to do it. Running the line on a rocket toss is another one. Force a late hit. I realize this is the "wussy" way to play, but those 15 yards start working on them mentally and we all agree there's not much there mentally to overcome #THWG


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Speaking of late hits, this is a rivalry game with SEC officials. The SEC has been a lot more active on these targeting hits, if I know this series like I think I do, we may need to be prepared for a disqualification or two.

It's gonna play right into the controversial stuff that happens in these games. Hope we play smart in regards to that.


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Never you worry. SEC refs are the most fair, incorruptible, trustworthy and virtuous in all the land. We are in good hands.


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I love the idea of smacking a dwag right in the mouth but I, like others, would hate to lose at top defender by doing so. Having said that, if you get a clean shot, take it! :punch: