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    Will update with summary, live stream, and download link in this thread.

    Live Stream

    Direct Download

    These are para-phrased and I won't pretend to be able to para-phrase everything perfectly.
    • Weren't consistent enough on offense, struggled to start 3rd quarter.
    • A little better on offense than Thursday night against VT.
    • QB play: some good and bad like everything.
    • After film review: Missed 21 tackles in the game, gave up way too many big plays.
    • Typically would like to see single-digit missed tackles.
    • Made some adjustments to start 2nd half but missed key blocks on 1st and 2nd down so it was third and long and missed the pass.
    • Subsequent drive: the toss didn't work because Miami ran a double run coverage so another third and long and we busted a route, guy didn't drag like he should have been.
    • Jim @ Auburn: What we need to do as a program to get to next level? Don't think there's as big a gap as people think; bad record against VT and Miami but games were close but definitely need to do better. U(sic)GA we'll worry about until later.
    • Anything glaring that needs to be fixed: Don't turnover the ball, prevent big plays.
    • Coaches and players are as frustrated as the fans.
    • Another Jim: pass blocking? We haven't pass blocked as well as we'd like. Need to learn to throw the hot route better when the defense is strong blitzing seven.
    • Kevin @ Savannah: Punting style? Asked Sean which style he prefers to pin the other team inside the 10? Sean said he prefers rugby style. Trying to put some backspin on the ball.
    • Lynn and DeAndre on returns: Lynn did fine, maybe wore out DeAndre a bit. Need to do better with blocks.
    • Jerry @ Atlanta: BYU graduate. Played option defense well. Some of the plan from last year will be part of plan because it was a good plan, we just needed to execute it better.
    • Injuries: banged up a little bit but will issue normal injury report after Wendesday. Offensive players are a little banged up because they ran 80+ snaps.
    • Twitter Q: Back to diamond formation, how did we execute? Got pretty good efficiency and change of pace but it depends on the defense. We'll add some more stuff this week but it'll depend on how they play.
    • Will the diamond formation work for a specific defense? CPJ takes the fifth on this question. :)
    • Attaochu is starting to get double-teamed, etc. Some of the other guys being single-blocked will need to make plays but we'll also need to slide some guys around.
    • Twitter Q: Is VT, Miami, and BYU toughest stretch of the season? Probably. VT is a good defense. Miami has a good offense. BYU is going to be physical
    • Twitter Q: Fumbles from bad technique or good defense? Protect all four points of the ball. Squeeze the ball and keep the tip up. Run ball security drills every day.
    • Facebook Q: Which game have you been most pleased with? Dunno, maybe last one we won: UNC.
    • First Quarter against Miami, best quarter all year? Not really. We played well on offense but didn't play well on defense. Gotta play all four quarters well.
    • CPJ switched up what he's eating at Hudson Grille. lol.
    • Q from Troy: Does playing at Utah hinder recruiting? Won't do any recruiting. Flying out Friday. We did some recruiting in South Florida last week.
    • Will get to do some film breakdown stuff on the flight back but depends on what time the flight gets back (around 4am), might go home until 8am or get back into the office. Typically tough the day after travelling but everyone does it.
    • Typically have around seven out recruiting on a typical friday for home games.
    • A lot of new guys on defense on BYU, maybe returning 3 starters from last year. One guy didn't play last year but he redshirted in 2008 or 2009 because he came back from mission.
    • BYU was big rival when CPJ was at Hawaii. Was surprised how many players were married and had kids when he met BYU at a bowl game in hawaii.
    • If you like the diamond formation, you're going to like it cause that is what BYU runs. BYU is now an option team. QB is a very good running. Huge offensive line. Gotta limit their rushing. May need to stack the box some, force them to beat us throwing the ball.
    • More speed option under center or pistol? Problem is, it depends on how defense lines up. Have to have reach outside, guys that can get there. Drew up some two way option plays against Miami but didn't call it because of the way defense lined up.
    • Played option a little bit better last week but now have to be more consistent.
    • More Justin at BYU? Depends on how they practice. Vad's starting QB but may look at
    • Justin is fine. He may not have known where he was at on that INT.
    • Tim Byerly also got hurt in last drive.
    • 10/21 radio show will not be at Hudson Grille; Brandon and CPJ will be alone at 680 The Fan studio. CPJ said he got a little nervous about being alone with Brandon and asked if he should bring a chaperon.
    Questions for CPJ?
    If you have a twitter account, use #GTRadio hashtag to ask a question. If you don't have a twitter account, post here and I'll try to ask it using the @GT_Swarm account (assuming it's a good question). No uniform questions please. :)
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    John I would love to see if we could get an explanation over the lack of short to medium routes by both WRs and, more to the point, by the A Backs.
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    Well actually he sort of answered it:
    Based on the above responses to a different question... it sounds like we did have those short passes but we either didn't run the correct (drag) route or we didn't throw it to the right guy (hot route).
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    John, well, yes he sorta answered it ;) Thanks!
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    Is there a way to get wide-angle footage of games? I know that even if I re-watch the game on ESPN3 or whatever, it is very rare to see all the eligible receivers downfield because the camera likes to zoom into the box and follow the QB/ball. I want to see all the receivers and what routes they are running.
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    John I'd be interested to know that as well.
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    Great job John!
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    John, thanks for putting this together.
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    No problem. Haven't missed many of these shows so might as well make myself useful.

    With that said, I did update the link for people to download the radio show. I'd recommend listening to it cause my summaries just don't capture everything that is said/implied.
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