GT Paul Johnson Press Conference 9/10/2013


Helluva Engineer
I think the selection of CPJ response where He seems to allude that Tech will never have a top 5 or top 10 class is what He is referring too. That is honestly the only controversial line that I see.

I know some people will think he is setting his sights too low, but I don't see it like that and like his approach of redshirting and building depth. I think we have more quality then we have ever had on the flats. I think we simply need more big time play makers and I am seeing them in guys like Vad Lee and JHD.


Helluva Engineer
Quote from the CPJ presser:
"Shawn Green is back in practice, but we probably won't play him this week. He'll be back in there next week against North Carolina."

Great news. Green played a lot of minutes last season.


Helluva Engineer
CPJ is being pragmatic. You build a philosophy on what you think works. When your program historically is not a top 10 recruiter, why should you build your philosophy around it? Makes no sense.

On the other hand, success can come many different ways. While it's true we do need some blue chip/play right away type players, we can have success with 3 star guys that fit our system to a T who are 22/23 yrs old. He is confident in his ability to spot talent "projects" and coach them up to their highest potential. Many of our players fit that mold. Then there's the guys that just plain fall through the cracks for various reasons, Vad and Justin fit this category.

I think we are on the verge of being a "sexy" team that blue chip athletes want to come to, at least the blue chip "scholar" athletes. Vad and Justin have the ability to catapult us into this genre. The proliferation of option football in the NFL is an added bonus.