GT @ Ole Miss


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Short turnaround for us. Really only one off day. Ole Miss will have had 2 full days of rest, and will be home. Good thing is it's spring break for GT.

Ole Miss is 13-5 at home this year, and unlike a lot of schools in the NIT, they actually want to keep playing basketball. They were tied for 5th in the SEC. Will be a tough game for us. One thing about Ole Miss, we can score on them. 274th in points allowed at 76.4 points a game. They average 78.3 ppg so they're a decent scoring team.

If we play defense like we can, and 3 of the the Big Four (Lammers, Okogie, Tadric, Stephens) shows up, we can win this one.

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Yea but they are the SEC and we are the ACC. We got 9 teams into the NCAA Tournament this year and al- wait, uh most o-, ummmm, well okay, so 1 of the 9 made it past the second round. Nevermind.