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I was at the game today. It reminded me of a lot of Navy games I've watched down through the years: a good to great offense and a questionable defense.

We looked good on O today. In the second half, it was largely a matter of shooting ourselves in the foot; we had several plays that could have made good yardage, but a block would be missed. JT also made several bad throws when there wasn't much excuse for them, but you pretty much expect that; it's only his third start. But JT really does = Keenan Reynolds and that won it for us when we got the one break of the game.

The big difference in the second half was the hurry-up on O by GSU. I thought we had practiced against that and would handle it better. That's not how it worked. Untimely penalties on D made the biggest difference beside the no-huddle. We need to get better at defensing the no-huddle, but I think much of that is due to playing so many freshmen; they aren't experienced enough yet. That may get better and I sure hope it will.

So, like Navy, I predict a season of close games where the O pulls our chestnuts out of the fire. About what I hoped for, iow.


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At this point it is impossible to argue against your characterization. I want to believe we are better than that, but the result are so mixed (outside of the w-l record) that I can't construct any coherent thoughts to challenge you.


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I know you're not necessarily talking about style, but rather role. Nonetheless, Id say that JT is more of a passer than Reynolds, and maybe not quite as good on reads, just yet.


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Agree - but think we are getting more players into the game and while it will be bumpy for about 5 games we ( hopefully) will hit our stride. We had a disaster in the off season where we have 13 fewer players.
Coach seems to be blind sided by things - fights thru them and then something else.
We are fighting and that's good unless the whistle has blown.