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Charleston loses, while Furman upsets UVA. So, the dream matchup between our former potential hires is no more. I am happy with the CDS hire, but whomever hires Richey will have a great coach on their hands.
Could still end up being Clemson after Brownell led them to a 1st round NIT loss against Morehead State.


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It's the same thing we all discuss here. GT needs to bring in better players, and hopefully tap into the Atlanta hoops scene. It's no secret anymore, if you want elite players now, you're going to "rent" them until they move on. Stoudamire was pretty open about the "salary cap" of NIL. We can interpret that any way we want to, but the promising thing is GT is finally accepting NIL is a real thing we can use to our advantage, and Batt and Cabrera both have emphasized its importance.

Now our head coach has the tools and resources to go out and recruit a higher caliber player (either through HS or the portal), but at the end of the day it's still up to Stoudamire to get those elite players to sign with GT. We'll find out over the next couple of months whether Stoudamire can sell kids on his vision for GT basketball.


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So who is his first commit?
HS or transfer?
Gonna be a transfer. Signings for his first class are still a while away but I’d expect some transfer commitments (to us and others) to start rolling in within the next few weeks.

Nobody from our squad had entered the portal yet which is a positive sign they are giving CDS a shot.