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Watched the game - Okogie played well but isn't a core guy for them. Agada is tough and will be on someone's roster next year.

The interesting part of watching the game was it was a combination of 2021 5 out offense and 1980's blood required for a foul officiating - with the different goal tending rules thrown in. Nigeria shot the ball incredibly well and played really physically. For someone like me who doesn't particularly like today's NBA it was a fun game to watch.

FWIW if they play again in the real olympics I think the USA wins by 15. USA missed a ton of shots - Beal isn't going for 2 again and Durant didn't try to take over until it was too late. But Nigeria is definitely fun to watch.



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They are missing 3 players. However the other issue is that these guys have not been together long. They need to learn how to play together as a team. We are not so far ahead of the rest of the world that we can simply roll out a few players and expect to win. A lot of these countries have multiple NBA players so they are not intimidated. The international game is different as well. Typically a lot more physical and you are not going to get those superstar calls you get in the NBA. If these guys don't get it together they can definitely get embarrassed in the Olympics.


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agree bout that ....
how did Maine get into arizona?
Idaho Vandals? really?
what animal has green stripes and goofy face?
is Syracuse really in NY?
The animal is the University of Alaska's mascot. They're the Seawolves and I think it's supposed to resemble like a native Alaskan drawing.


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The data was compiled by “South Harmon Institute of Technology”…Look at the abbreviation, it’s just a map they made to troll and get interaction on Twitter


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