GT - GSU Post Game Thread


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What a tale of 2 halves. Hats off to Southern for not laying down at half down 25.

We have a ton of things to improve, but 3-0 for now. I'm going to enjoy it.


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Whewww.... I glad we son't have another option team on the schedule this year.

At least JT stepped up when it mattered. I usually rewatch the game right after I get home, but I am not sure my heart can take watching it twice.


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I really liked GSU's offense I can see it working well at GT.

CPJ's play calling will be questioned but I thought he called a good game. It was more of a mix and that was needed. Players particularly JT didn't execute.

Bruan had a bad game..

JT's performance was a missed bag as well. Great first half poor second half great last drive.

Defense Horrible
Couldn't tackle
Poor discipline
Blown assignments
Picked on our freshman

I knew they would be tough but boy.
3-0 on to VT.
We have to work on passing we gonna need it at VT.


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I have the same attitude as I did after the last two games. We won. The end. Our season isn't going to be defined by any of the three previous games. That being said that wasn't exactly a defensive performance that inspires a lot of confidence...

Looking at our games and the results around the conference, I honestly have no idea what's going to happen during the rest of the season.


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The defense lacks talent.

The offense is one dimensional, and when an opposing team adjusts to it--as GS did by halftime--there is no counter adjustment to be made. Not one that works, anyway.


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That's a great win for the program no ifs ands or buts....

If you don't think so then you haven't been watching football the past 3 weeks. JT became a leader and the defense sucked second half but made a huge play to give us a last shot. We got over confident at half, that's it. Games like this with last minute drives change seasons. GSU is a good football team and there's a reason they are D1. Hats off to them.

Hopefully VT will let ECU beat them twice. I think if they play us like they played OSU with 9 in the blocks and no safety help over the top we will beat them. OSU WR suck at blocking and gave up easy tackles all nite. I'm excited about this season.

Go jackets


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In the first half it looked like we would ROLL GSU as many predicted on here all week. Our offense was clicking on all cylinders (with a turbo) and our defenses was taking it to their offense. JT threw 3 TD passes in the first half and almost had 100 yards on the ground. It started to look like what CPJ use to do to teams when he coached GSU: Put up big numbers early, and win going away. I was happy to be wrong about thinking GSU would give us a game.

Then the second half started. In a reversal of what happened the first two games, our defense totally collapsed, and our offense stalled for most of the second half safe the last few minutes. It seemed we started going away from what got us the big lead in the first half. It kinda started in the last minutes of the first half when CPJ decided to pass the ball I believe 5 straight times. I may be wrong, but I don't think we completed any of them. GSU held us to 7 points in the second half. I was not happy about being right that GSU would give us a closer game considering how it looked like they didn't even belong on the field with us in the first half.

I think the lesson learned here is GT fans are way too close to be subjective about the reality of the team: We are just not as talented as some want to believe, and our play in the first two games (and against GSU) against teams that were not that talented was indicative of a team with some problems that need to be fixed if we're going to compete in the ACC this year. Give GSU credit though, they are a LOT better team than GT fans (some) wanted to admit. Their coach is going to be a good one.

Other thoughts:

-I think JT is going to be a BALLER. He made some great plays and almost willed us to a win himself when we needed someone to make plays. He still needs to clean up his read in passing, and his accuracy. Guys were open and he just didn't hit them. He probably should have kept the ball and taken off a few times but he's still learning. He's going to be infinitely better towards the end of the season.

-Our secondary will get exposed if we don't clean things up. GSU had guys wide open, and our secondary looked lost out there. DJ White made a good play towards the end, but he was getting targeted by GSU in the second half.

-Still not much pressure from our DL. This worries me because it exposes our already iffy secondary. Freeman made a great play on the pitch we recovered, Chungong made a few plays, and Green brought some pressure...but consistent DL play is missing right now. Easy games are over with against less talented teams. I hope CTR has something up his sleeves because it's not going to be pretty now that we're heading into the meat of our schedule.

-I thought our OL played OK today. JT had time back there for passes, he just wasn't making the right throws. Our run blocking wasn't that great as GSU had guys making plays on the first level.

-Finally saw Devine, and he's going to be a player once he gets in shape.

-PJ Davis, for all his heart and hustle, is going to be a liability for us in pass coverage. He was caught in the wash a lot. You want to root for the underdog, but I'm not sure he fits what we're doing on defense.

-Tackling needs to get better. GSU gained a lot of yards after the contact. We made some plays when we had to, but it will not be pretty against the better teams if we don't clean it up.

-Smelter and Waller will be a tough combination to cover ....IF JT can make the right throws. These guys were open a lot...we just couldn't get the ball to them.

-Not sure what happened to DJ White. Played a game not to his usual standards.

On to VT week. They're looking a lot more vulnerable this week after their loss to ECU. Could be a bad thing for us now that they don't think they're invincible after an impressive win over Ohio State.


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Yeah, so the only halves I've watched so far this year are the 2nd halves of weeks 1 and 2, and the 1st half of this game. IOW, it's my fault y'all.

Also, I pulled up the ESPN gametracker for our last drive (having assumed we'd be running away with it by now). The score shocked me but it appeared we were driving for the winning TD. Then, gametracker says a handoff to Laskey for -71 yds. I think I blacked out before I realized it was a typical gametracker mistake. :banghead::hungover::hurting:

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The question for the defense the remainder of the year: is it a youth or talent issue? Both? If it's more youth I would expect us to get better as the year progresses and have a couple very good games. I'm also curious as to how much of the defensive play book we have installed this season. It seemed to be that the players referenced the advantages of being in year 2 of the system but it seems to me that we are playing very vanilla defense with a lack of exotic pressure looks.