GT Depth Chart Updated on 8/19/2013


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Just my observation, but I think a purpose of this is to motivate certain individuals to step up their game. Also I see Mr Chris Griffin is 2nd string T. I hope he redshirts, I want him as a redshirt senior more than a true freshman

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I think this is their operating depth chart going into game prep for week 1. I wouldn't expect it to be primarily "motivational" anymore.

I am really excited about our DL. With Anthony Williams moving over behind Attaochu, I think we have a REALLY solid two deep at DE. Last year, we largely relied on 3man rotation at the 2DE positions. I would be happy with any of these 4 guys on the field, and I expect we're going to be rotating them a bit more freely. I also like Gotsis and Cummings at Tackle, and have heard really good things about their back-ups, but I haven't really seen them yet.

I'm somewhat surprised that between Marcordes, McNair, Drummond, and Harrell as Sam and Mike back-ups that PJ is sitting alone on the depth chart behind Nealy.

I'm most surprised that Perkins didn't break thru on the 3-deep at A-Back. I still expect that to change.

I still tend to think that Chris Griffin will redshirt. Morgan Bailey and Erin Joe should be coming off the injured list before too long. I expect we'll shuffle the deck to protect his redshirt if we have to until then, but I could be wrong.


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Chris Griffin will likely redshirt.

PJ Davis had a great camp and has already earned a spot on special teams.

Good move for Williams...although he is out right now with a ankle sprain.