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greatest football related practical jokes youve performed....

Discussion in 'The Swarm Lounge' started by gtpi, Dec 29, 2019.

  1. gtpi

    gtpi Helluva Engineer

    its the slow period before signing period. i hope i generate a few chuckles or "so youre the guy"s

    1. way back when the hive was young they had a back room where we all talked recruiting. its all we had back then. greg garret used to lead that charge of enthusiasm.

    it was getting close to signing day and we were all waiting on greg to tell us about the new commitments. finding a spot to work my magic. i logged in as greg garret and i told the entire group that we had struck it rich. i dont recall the numbers but it would have been stupendous had any of it been true. if my memory serves me correctly it was during they chan gailey era.

    according to greg heh. we got commitments from all our top recruits. i really layed it on thick thinking someone would surely catch on. nope. no body did. poor old army jacket and a few others were beside themselves with joy. never seen a man woop it up on a board like he did that night.

    needless to say the next time i entered chat there was a registration process involved. they never did find out that i was THE GUY WHO PULLED THAT STUNT OFF.

    2. thwg story. to reiterate my feeling for georgia. poad is not strong enough to suit me.

    well it was bowl season and a bunch of us were going to congregate at a fellow workers house for snacks razzing and bowls. we were going to watch uga play an another team. clemson vs tosu perhaps.
    i had been to my 'friends' house and i use that word losely a few times as he was a die hard dwag who woofed etc on all 4 etc. typical dwag.

    we both used the same cable company an i got the bright idea to hide my remote in my jacket. pun intended. heh. during the pregame festivities while we were all eating drinking an having a great old time watching the pregame. i started clicking the channel on an off. than i started changing channels. timing was everything. the dwag who was holding the watching party had charged us all 20 bucks for snacks and drinks so it was not just a matter of watching the game. there was money involved. at least 200 bucks.

    during the channel changing and the shutting off of the tv we all started making noises about wanting our money back etc. of course i led that charge too. my 'buddy;' was absolutely beside himself. he was so furious. he started checking the cable connections. the batteries. other channels tryin to figure out wtf was going on. finally he calls time warner and give them way more than just a piece of his mind. LMFAO. he is spanish so his temper was flying through the roof. GOOD.

    after he got off of the phone talking with time warner i could see his wheels spinning. and spinning. and spinning. next thing i know he walks over to where i was sitting an feels the pockets of my JACKET. game over man. game over.

    he pulls out my clicker triumphantly and the entire room howled with fn laughter. to this day that is one of my greatest practical jokes and it came against a dreaded obnoxious dwag. all this happened during pregame so none of the games were compromised.

    happy new year fellow jackets.

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