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Good article, and looks like CPJ has some swagger back

Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Football' started by MidtownJacket, Sep 7, 2018.

  1. MidtownJacket

    MidtownJacket Helluva Engineer


    In response to a question about the bulls running uptempo:

    “If they’re making first downs and moving the ball, doing that, then the tempo can get to you,” Johnson said. “If they’re not stringing first downs together, not moving the ball, the tempo is not going to help them at all. (It’s) going to hurt them because their guys are going to be on the field a lot defensively.”
  2. JacketBrad

    JacketBrad Jolly Good Fellow

    Could be exciting... last time we played 'em it was a nail-biter.
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  3. Techster

    Techster Helluva Engineer

    I swear Ken S. reads this forum and uses our posts for some ideas or additional notes in his articles:

    USF shouldn’t be overlooked because of its membership in the American Athletic Conference. The Bulls are 5-3 in the past three years against power-conference teams. Their recruiting hasn’t been ranked too differently from Tech’s in recent years. Further, the Bulls are 17-3 at home in their past 20 games.

    I pretty much pointed out that recruiting comparison in another thread, and made a point about playing them at home (though the playing at home part is standard for any team in any sport).

    On another note: I F'in LOVE this defense. Not only is it aggressive, but it's "stealing possessions" for our offense. From my POV, anytime we can get the ball back to our offense, whether from turnovers created, or a 3-5 play "out", it really tilts the game over to us. You DO NOT want to give CPJ an extra 2-3 possessions a game...especially if the offense is on a roll. For a tempo team like USF, against a grinding offense like ours, a defense like CNW's can absolutely wreck an opposing team's defense. In fact, in the Florida heat, it's probably dangerous for the defenders to only get 2-3 minutes of rest then have to turn around for a 10-15 play drive that takes 8+ minutes. Can you imagine if our offense was feeling it, and CPJ decided to run tempo himself...man, defenders would be falling out left and right.

    BTW...have I mentioned I'm STOKED about this defense?!!
  4. MidtownJacket

    MidtownJacket Helluva Engineer

    I am amped about what this defense can become as well! I couldn't agree more with this specifically ..

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  5. cuttysark

    cuttysark Helluva Engineer

    As opposed to Woody's first year at App State, here he has players that have been hobbled by playing a plain vanilla keep everything in front of you defense. Now that they are being unleashed I think his results are going to be far different in this first season at Tech. Add to that an additional coach/player in the secondary with Malik Rivera at free safety who understands this defense very well after playing in it for 3 years, and this sets up quite well for his first season on the Flats.
  6. jgtengineer

    jgtengineer Helluva Engineer

    I sometimes think that we would have had much better luck in that game if CPJ had just lined dwyer up in the single wing and direct snapped it to him.
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  7. slugboy

    slugboy Moderator Staff Member

    They weren't worried about our passing game or a QB run, that's for sure.
  8. AE 87

    AE 87 Helluva Engineer

    App St has a play where the QB moves down the line talking to the linemen and then stops and sets. The ball is then snapped to a running back.

    We'd have to develop a pattern of checking plays this way and play our BBack in 2pt stance some plays, but it's a fun play.
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  9. awbuzz

    awbuzz Helluva Engineer

    7 - 10
  10. GTdragons

    GTdragons Ramblin' Wreck

    For the life of me I cannot understand the complaints about this. Every team does it. Clemson just played Furman. Coaches like to have tune up games against a lesser opponent. Our schedule is one of the strongest in the nation with Clemson, UGA, Miami, and VT.

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  11. swampsting

    swampsting Helluva Engineer

    PJ is going to get a FCS/1-AA team every year, for one, because he came up through that division and knows how important games like that are to those programs, especially financially. When he was at Southern, Nebraska offered them $500k. That one game would have been about 4-5 percent of the entire athletic department's budget back then, IIRC. Troy wound up getting that game. In 97-98, Tech and Southern were close, very close, to a deal on a game but couldn't get it worked out.
    Isn't Alcorn playing Auburn today? Our paycheck, and that check, go a long way for that school's athletic department.
  12. OldJacketFan

    OldJacketFan Helluva Engineer

    Because all some people can do is b**ch
  13. Boomergump

    Boomergump Moderator Staff Member

    In theory, I really like what I THINK our defense will be, especially if what you say comes to fruition. The odd front and aggressive mindset can allow for a lot of creativity. The problem is, this far, we really don't know what stuff we are going to try and use. Last weekend we didn't see much to indicate that we ARE an aggressive minded defense schematically, possibly for good reason. Last week was vanilla. I thought we chased plays really well (taking good angles and hustle) and got into gaps along the line regularly. However, I wasn't too impressed with the tackling, especially as the game wore on. Did we have to defend a single long pass? I'm not sure I remember one. They wanted to get the ball out quickly and we were vanilla, so we really don't know how our pass rush is constructed yet. We did see CC on a stinger blitz from outside the hash get a chase sack on a roll out, but other than that I really don't remember more.

    In short, my excitement level is high for today's game because I think USF has the ability to really stretch us defensively. By late this afternoon we should know a lot more about the stuff we have been working on behind the scenes. We are probably going to need to use it all. Perhaps tonight, we can discuss CNW's defense, because we haven't seen it yet.
  14. Longestday

    Longestday Helluva Engineer Featured Member

    I think the D will takes some chances today, but it will not be every play.

    I'll be interesting to see what we do and how much we press versus last week.

    I do think we need a good lick on the QB in the 1st Q.
  15. jwsavhGT

    jwsavhGT Moderator Staff Member

    Cleaned up this thread. Sorry if some relevant posts got removed as part of the sweep.
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  16. TheSilasSonRising

    TheSilasSonRising Helluva Engineer

    Because, since you can not understand the obvious, we are not in the same position as C.U., ugag, Auburn, bama, Florida, and so many others.

    We have got to start doing things to build, at least, a half azzed program and sell more tickets.

    Even if it means playing on the road to start the season, we need to raise more money.

    Some of you will sit around and complain about lack of coverage for GT. Some think beating alcorn state is doing something to make us a better team. Yessiree- that really helped us today.

    Cripes sake. Ga State has a better freaking radio station than we do. ****ing Ga State!

    And some of you have no damn clue how any of this relates to building a better program for our kids and becoming a better team.


    GT would be a whole lot better off if some more of you did a little complaining instead of sitting around sipping tea postulating about how brilliant everything is that the administration shoves down your throat.

    No doubt, a lot of you had no problem with today.
  17. Gold1

    Gold1 Helluva Engineer


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