Golf team #2 seed in the OSU regional


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I have alwaays heard great things about the Scarlet Course at OSU and had wanted to play it...until I looked at today's leaderboard. Par 71 at 7422 yards???????? That looks like a course where I would be hitting plenty of driver, 4 iron and wedge...on the par 4's. Par 5's would be driver, 3 wood and then 7 iron.

I played with a HS senior that I teach Sunday. His handicap is 8, mine is currently a 10 so we expected a tight match. on a 187 yard (to the pin) par 3, I hit a hybrid 3 iron well and was on the front fringe. His 7 iron flew the pin, hit the back of the green and rolled several yards past. He was on 3 par 5's in two with driver/mid-iron. He avoided his 3 or 4 times a round snap hook into the deep woods, shot 73 and needless to say, he beat me like a rented mule. He was so much better than me that day I didn't even bother to cheat. Although I did miss several makeable putts that might have put a bit of pressure on him. Damn kids these days. I am thinking about changing his grade from an A to a C- though for being disrespecful.