Photos Georgia Tech Fan Day 2014!


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The Georgia Tech football team, the staff, Buzz, and cheerleaders partake in Fan Day on Saturday August 2nd, 2014.

Buzz waits by the Ramblin' Wreck for photo op with fans.

The Quarterbacks have fun while sign posters.

Matthew Jordan signs a fan's football.

Tim Byerly chats with fans.

Shaun Kagawa has a friendly chat with a fan while signing autographs.

The Quarterbacks.

Matthew Jordan and Justin Thomas.

Jamal Golden and the defensive backs chat with fans.

Antonio Messick and Ricky Jeune sign autographs for fans.

Freddie Burden and the offensive line.

Gary Brown signs a fan's poster.

Zach Laskey and the B-back group.

C.J. Leggett and the B-back group from behind the tent.

Head Coach Paul Johnson waits for the next fan for a photo op.

Paul Johnson has a photo op with fans.

Future Yellow Jacket practicing how to snap the football.

Synjyn Days and the A-backs.

Tre Jackson for @DaddyBill.

Tre Jackson waiting for the next fan.
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This is @PowderSpringsJacket88's beautiful daughter, Olivia!

Buzz and the GT Cheerleaders greet fans by the Ramblin' Wreck.

Buzz prepares a fan for his photo op with the iconic Ramblin' Wreck.

Future Yellow Jacket and Buzz gives the camera a thumbs up!

Justin Thomas signs a poster.

Coach Brad Waggoner roams around the field to greet fans.

Wide Receiver's tent was busy all day.

A young GT fan and his father gets their GT memorabilia football signed.

The GT Cheerleaders roamed the crowd and entertained the fans.

A young father teaching his future Yellow Jacket QB how to walk.

She's a future GT Track & Field star with how fast she was running around!

Tried to take a casual photo of the Buzz & Cheer tent, one of the cheerleaders caught me.

Justin Thomas, Tim Byerly, and Matthew Jordan from behind the tent.
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Future Georgia Tech grad and Coca-Cola CEO.

Caught a snap of former GT linebacker and current assistant coach Steven Sylvester.

Within the next few years, this young fan will be 6'4 and the next great GT wide receiver.

Welcome to Bobby Dodd Stadium!

Some of the GTAA staff chatting among the crowd.

The Ramblin' Wreck, Buzz, and these three cheerleaders were busy all day.

Former A-back and now a member of the radio broadcast team, Roddy Jones.

Defensive Coordinator Ted Roof chats with a fan.

Former GT quarterback and Hall of Famer tosses the football with family.
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Great pics, thanks. I looked for Ted Roof twice and didn't find him wandering around ..... I wanted his signature on the GT Vault book along with CPJ's ........

Only suggestion I have is that the players have their names in front of them somehow. I asked a bunch of players for their names so I knew who I was talking to ..... I know I could have gone off the roster, but I don't pay much attention to people's numbers except for the QB and RBs.